Are you a Virgin?

Oh, the memories and horror of such a question. If we’re honest, it’s a question many of us have asked, or been asked, and the other person in the conversation may have been on the same wavelength, and curious, or way off the mark, and nervous.

Why do I commence my blogging in this new venture with such an overtly sexual reference?

First of all, because any reference to virginity captures the imagination, and I believe for many, it triggers a nanosecond of recollection. We all have one thing in common … the first time.

Secondly, it brought a smile for me when I was considering how to get the blog aspect of this site underway – and I’m sure it will have brought a smile to some of my readers, assuming I get any.

Third? Yes, there is a third answer. My erotica blog has been established for a specific reason. However a reader or follower of this blog relates to the website, me, or the subject in general, those people will want to feel comfortable.

I could have an anonymous follower in time to come, who I might know by their regular name, but here, the same person will be able to voice opinions or ask questions without fear, or embarrassment.

How often will I offer a post?

Now, there’s a question. I’d like to believe a monthly post will be forthcoming, but how active this website becomes will be entirely down to outside reaction. To put it in simple terms, I’ll use it as a springboard for my erotica writing, and I will on occasion write a post which is relevant to the genre.

What about the mention of virginity in the title?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll round off now with the title of this post in mind.

For the purpose of this post, the ‘virgin’ refers to those who have, or have not read, or written erotica. Now, are there any faces warming up out there? I bet there are a few.

In either reading, or writing this area of fiction, you can’t get hurt, or hurt anybody else, unless you name them. At present, my intention is to use my next post here to talk about the reading and writing of the erotica genre.

Will I see you there?

Only you can answer that question, but rest assured, if you turn up, I don’t mind if you’re dressed or naked, male or female, but I would appreciate your company.

I suppose I’d better give my erotica blog its freedom …

Thank you for reading, and all feedback is welcome.