The Rhythm Method

Yes, it’s all about prevention, isn’t it. You’ll be pleased to learn that prevention is the only connection between this post and the unrealistic contraception method.

give-take-150516When I wrote Give & Take: A Tale of Erotica, it was an experiment, like much of my writing tends to be. There are those who write nothing more than erotica, and there are others who write nothing like erotica. I’m working hard on this genre, because for me at least it’s more than scenes of sexual activity.

The novel is free on Amazon over the weekend 13th/14th May 2017. Amazon – Preview/Buy option.


Having had generous feedback on my novel in the erotica genre I wanted to write more. I enjoy writing thrillers, romance, and short stories, but I had a yearning to do something different. It was at that point I thought of novella length stories.

I considered writing a novella, but figured it would disappear under the mountains of titles out there, purporting to be erotica. Next in my sights was the idea of writing three or four novellas, and maybe if one caught the imagination, the others would be picked up too.

No, there was something inherently wrong in believing a small group of individual stories would work, and then my lightbulb moment, my ephiphany.

Why not a series, but an interconnecting series in which a group of characters will cross each other’s paths? They would need to have something in common, apart from a sexual connection, and a run-down remote hotel in the Scottish Highlands was refurbished and became the Highland Haven Hotel, in my head.


Where does the Rhythm Method come in?

I’m aiming to prevent failure of an idea. My first characters had evolved in late 2015 in short stories which were never completed to my satisfaction; my writing satisfaction. I wanted to write their stories, but make sure they clicked into place with the others.

Early in 2016, while I set up the characters’ first meetings, and the relevant scenarios it occurred to me to use the ‘diary’ style which has become a characteristic of my writing.

The difference in the Highland Games series of novallas would be the lack of a definitive year. I would create a workable timeline using days and months, and interconnect the books and scenes. My idea was developing, but my system was going to prove hard work unless I wrote something.

I wrote Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella, and published in July 2016.

highland-games-1-cougarThe rhythm method would have to be used from then on with the series. If I was going to inter-relate the stories, I’d have to write passages for each different book as the ideas came to mind. In effect, I’d write the series by spending time on one book, and then put it aside and work on another. By alternating between the novellas and my ‘regular’ projects I’d strike up a rhythm.

Although each book of the series would have a variety of characters, the individual tales would be focussed on one or two central characters, but drawing in scenes which involved others. Cameo roles would have a place in this multi-aspect story.

Where am I now?

Highland Games – 2: An Erotica Novella is out there alive and well. The central location is established along with several characters. In late May, or early June 2017, I’ll publish the third story which is presently in the final edits stage.


Not surprisingly, both the fourth and fifth books are well underway and being built with new and existing characters, fresh scenes, and a lot of cross-referencing and care. My aim is to have the entire series available on Amazon by December 2017.

highland-games-3-bi-curiousShould you decide to visit The Highland Haven Hotel in my first novella, I hope you enjoy your stay, and perhaps return to it via the other books in the series.

As always, I thank you for your visit.