Alex is available ….

If you’ve already enjoyed a visit to the Highland Haven Hotel it’s time to book in again.

In Highland Games – 4: An Erotica Novella you will get to know Alex, and a few other characters intimately.

Is Alex a he, she or something in between?

Perhaps this is another character discovering their true sexual identity and desires while at the remote hotel in the Scottish Highlands. You’ll only find out if you read the story. Yes, it’s naughty, and there is the usual variety of folk getting it on together, but beneath it all, there is a story.

In this episode, a couple of characters from Highland Games – 3 make an appearance, and there is a strong hint of who will be coming in Highland Games – 5, the final tale of the promiscuous people who spend time in Cheryl’s place in the mountains.

You might want to get straight to Alex’s story instead of starting with the first tale, and who would blame you – Alex is a very open, friendly person.

The links to all of the series so far are here on my erotica website, and here is the direct link to the latest:

Amazon – Preview / Buy

BookLinker – Universal



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