The Climax


Highland Games – 5: An Erotica Novella is available. Yes, the final part of the series is waiting for you and it brings a blend of previously seen characters combined with some fresh flesh. Cheryl and her staff offer readers another warm welcome to the unique atmosphere and experience of the Highland Haven Hotel.


The characters in the Highland Games series have been on a wonderful journey of discovery. I know, because I’ve been with them every tentative step of the way. Sometimes eye-popping, and occasionally mouth-watering, but my target throughout has been entertainment.

Have you been holding back?

Okay, I understand there will be many readers who might have had doubts about how long I might take to complete the series. There will no doubt be readers who prefer to have a complete series available before buying into it, and I am one of those readers.

What do you get if you pay to check in to the Highland Haven Hotel to meet the staff and guests?

It goes without saying that there is a lot of sexual activity, but I thought I’d mention it for clarity. One area in which I worked hard was to produce a continuing story. The most prominent characters, which includes staff and guests, appear in more than one part of the series. Don’t worry, it’s not repetition. I’ve meshed the tales together by using a timeline throughout. When a scene is used in more than one of the books, it is because it is observed by different characters.

Which erotica sub-genres are included in the series? 

Underpinning the activities are relationships because otherwise, it would be no more than a sequence of sexual activity. Apart from the emotional aspects of the individual stories you will find; heterosexual, bi-sexual, bi-curious, gay men, gay women, cuckold, mild BDSM, sissies, submissives, anal activity, sex toys, and a lot of voyeurism.

I would be grateful for feedback on the individual books or the series. It would be good to have reviews on Amazon, but I’d be happy to have any feedback sent to me here in my contacts.

On completion of this series, I’ve achieved a personal goal. Apart from my ‘regular’ writing, I have now fulfilled my desire to write erotica in a variety of lengths. A novel, a collection of short stories and a series of novellas is my baseline and I’ll continue as directed by my readers.

The Amazon – Preview/Buy links take you to your local Amazon, but there is no commitment to buy..

The BookLinker – Universal links will provide a link for those readers who for whatever reason cannot access Amazon.

Highland Games – 1                   Amazon – Preview/Buy                   BookLinker

Highland Games – 2                  Amazon – Preview/Buy                    BookLinker

Highland Games – 3                 Amazon – Preview/Buy                   BookLinker

Highland Games – 4                 Amazon – Preview/Buy                   BookLinker

Highland Games – 5                 Amazon – Preview/Buy                   BookLinker


My author website where you can peruse all of my titles: Tom Benson – Author

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in my work.




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