Boys will be … Girls: Part 2 of 2

In Boys will be … Girls: Part 1 of 2, I took a broad brush approach to write about cross-dressing, the associated attitudes to it, and common misconceptions.

In this second half of my article, I’d like to explore sexuality, but not the straightforward boy and girl. Heterosexual attraction is basic, natural and accepted, so there’s no need for discussion. Let’s look at why two people of the same gender get their act together, or there is a possibility …

It would be foolhardy to investigate same-sex couples who have chosen to exist in such a relationship. Gay couples of either gender can be as steadfast in their relationship as any heterosexual pairing. Nor am I interested in talking about those who recognise they are bi-sexual–they already know they enjoy sex with either their gender or the opposite.

I’m not interested in the settled couples here, I’d like readers to consider those on the fence … the bi-curious, sometimes referred to simply as ‘curious’.

How Curious are You?

Most people who regard themselves as straight-as-a-dye sexually, will either mentally switch off now, or at some stage during this second part of my Boys will be … Girls, article.

Wherever you are on the sliding (or well-lubricated) sexual scale, I hope you read through to the end. I never take the moral high ground, and therefore don’t preach on any subject. In this case, we are dealing with an area of the human psyche which is developed over many years. For some, I’ve no doubt there is no middle ground—their attitude is resolute.

Remember, we’re not suggesting that you might or might not be gay—we’re thinking about people who are publicly heterosexual, but inside are ‘bi-curious’.

I think the way forward is to tackle the theory from two angles and not two genders.


Have you ever had those peculiar notions?

Honesty must be the prevailing trait here and it will demonstrate the quality of your ‘word’. I will thank you in advance for admitting your position to yourself, and here and now, although nobody else will know.

Whatever gender you are, if you admit being ‘curious’ you’ve given anything from a little to a lot of serious thought about having a sexual experience with a person of the same (natural) gender. Have you wondered about how you’d react to the offer of such a coupling? Has it crossed your mind that you might start willingly, but crumble in the cold light of day and say, no—sorry? Perhaps you’ve actually imagined yourself with a particular person? Would your worries be more associated with embarrassment, hygiene, or would it be the moral aspect—it’s kinky after all; isn’t it? Whatever.

There are too many questions that could be considered, and it would be foolish for me to attempt to list all of them here, but my aim is to suggest that the idea passes through everybody’s mind at some stage in their lives.

Are you one of the, ‘not me—I’m straight—always have been—always will be’ types?


Has somebody else had those peculiar notions?

No matter your age, think about your life from your earliest childhood memories. Don’t cheat and block out vague recollections—show some integrity and be honest, after all, it’s only with yourself.

Think back to those school days from the earliest until you left education, whether it be at secondary school or university. Even if you didn’t prompt the attention, was there ever a ‘friend’ who said, did, or hinted that they might like to be closer?

It might have been one small incident, and you’ve told yourself it didn’t happen.

Okay, so you’ve had a good think back and nothing is creeping through the mists of time.

What about those times when you’ve been under the influence?

Has one of your friends been eager to help you get undressed, or helped you to bed?


What about extreme circumstances?

Look at your life now and the people who populate it—and still consider your own gender.

Have you never in your teenage or adult life wondered what you’d feel like if you were stranded on a tropical island, but the only other person was somebody of your gender?

If you haven’t thought about it—please, try it now.

Have you ever wondered how life might be for you if somehow you landed in prison?

If not—please, consider it now.


How about combining the two halves of this article?

If those naughty and improbable thoughts crossed your mind, regarding getting together with a member of your own sexual gender, would you find it more acceptable if one of you ‘dressed’ appropriately as the opposite sex?

Okay, we’ll suggest the answer to the question was ‘yes’ and if one person was made-up and dressed as the opposite sex—would you prefer it to be you, or your sexual partner? Of course, we have to consider that your partner might be bi-sexual, curious, or even have a little experience and want to go further.

Open your mind, and let your imagination run riot. If reading either or both of these articles has caused you the slightest arousal, you’re not kinky—you’re normal, but you’re curious. Of course, you might not be curious–you might already recognise that your are gay, or bi-sexual.


This two-part article has been particularly for you if you’re one of those I mentioned in the first part of my article—the lovely folk who’ve been in touch to ask why I write erotica, and on the topics I choose.

Crossdressing and the various reasons for it are a treasure-trove for the creative writer, and now hopefully you’ll see that sexual orientation and curiosity are in the same league—a wonderland of ideas.

Thank you for reading, and as always, comments are welcome.


Boys will be … Girls: Part 1 of 2

Okay, so I’m not a household name with regard to my creative writing in the erotica genre, but I have had a few anonymous messages, asking why I write in this area. If those who’ve asked the questions are among the handful of followers of this blog/website, this article and the next one are for you.

You can use your name in messages—I won’t bite—unless you’d like me to ….


In our modern world, I find it peculiar that the female gender may dress completely in what is apparently male attire, but if you find a man (of whatever age) wearing an item which is usually associated with the female of the species … funny looks and whispered questions abound.

In some gay relationships where it is a female couple, it is on occasion easy to distinguish their roles because not only does the ‘masculine’ partner have an appropriately ‘un-feminine’ hairstyle, they will wear trousers or jeans, tops which are unflattering (for a female), and sometimes more robust footwear.

Yes, there are the gay female couples out there who look like two regular friends, dressed in similar feminine outfits, but their sexual preferences would be impossible to determine unless they started kissing passionately in public.

Women who dress in male attire are not openly referred to by their preference for clothes—crossdressers, but will quickly be labelled by many people as any one of a number of derogatory terms.

If we take this observation to the opposite side of the gender scale, I find it peculiar that men who wear even one item of feminine clothing are labelled as crossdressers, or perverts, before anything else about them is considered. Many movies have now used the ‘women’s underwear under the business suit’ theme, which must be disconcerting to a large number of businessmen who commute daily and work in a suit.

Men who crossdress in full costume and wear makeup are immediately assumed to be gay, but in reality, this will not be the case for many. Okay, what may have started as a fetish for a particular garment may have developed and then the situation has evolved to encompass much more, but it doesn’t mean they prefer sex with men. It’s not something for the general public to be overly concerned about. It’s harmless.

Yes, a fetish could be dangerous—if it involved caressing the sexual organs and simultaneously squeezing the trigger of a loaded automatic weapon.

Why do I find the phrase ‘crossdressing’ an interesting area of conjecture?

When gay couples (of the male variety) are seen together, I can’t remember ever seeing one of a pair dressed as a woman. Yes, once again in movies we catch the odd scene where the powerful man has a crossdressed male partner, but I’ve noticed this is usually promoted as a secret ‘deviation’ … they don’t go out in public arm in arm.

Yes, some crossdressers may begin with private and experimental sessions, and over time realise that they’ve developed a desire to feel more feminine, or experience life as a woman, but again, it’s not a structured route that all fetishists or crossdressers must follow. We’ll look at this area in more detail in Part 2 of my article, which should be published in about a week.

Now, to complicate things further, the transgender person became a recent target for some people to ogle and point an accusing finger. How rapidly we as a race are developing—we now have a growing trend in society for sub-genders. We’ve reached a point where children (under 18), are being given counselling about their personal gender preference.

As you’ll now have gathered, if you didn’t already know, there is considerable scope in this area for the creative writer.

If you have an opinion, please leave a comment?


In the second part of this article, I’ll briefly examine sexuality.

Sexual fulfilment and preference of partner are gained on an individual level—it’s not pre-programmed as a standard for every human being.