A Threesome

… and they keep on coming. 

Who keeps on coming?

The characters and … of course, their erotic stories.

I have two novellas and a novel listed as Work in Progress and they are all developing nicely. A few whispered words here, and a gentle caress there and it’s spread all around. The characters lap it up, and in some cases beg for more. Of course in a couple of instances, they demand more, but then that’s the beauty of knowing what you want when you want it, and how to get it.

Yes, it’s pleasure which is being spread around.

It could be assisted by the garments the characters are wearing or those which they’re no longer wearing. Perhaps it’s an intimate act they share with somebody else, or maybe more than one other person. Of course in these days of broadminded couples, it might be an accessory to the regular relationship—accessories can be inanimate objects, or living, breathing people.

Do you like your female erotica characters to be beautiful, sexy and assertive?                

How about the male of the species knowing his place–whether he’s expected to be in control or under control?  I believe you’ve just found the place you’ve been searching for. 

Would you like to take a peek under the covers?

Of course, you would.

Have a look at my latest creative efforts in the world of sensuality, submission, dominance, love and of course sexual gratification in its many forms.


This tale is told from the first-person point of view to deliver a sense of intimacy.

Darren is twenty-seven and is devastated when Corinne, his girlfriend walks out on him. We join Darren’s story as he reflects on why the split occurred, and what he ought to do next. Having lost the love of his life, there are many options open.

Is it stupidity, selfishness, or a lack of self-control which drives Darren as he gives himself an all over shave in preparation to continue with his new passion?

Surely he wouldn’t continue to pursue his fetish, now that it’s cost him a relationship?

Even as he explores his desire to be something he’s not, he feels the need for a confidante. Enter, Kirsten, but is she all she says she is, and would Darren be wise or ill-advised to go beyond exchanging pleasantries online?

Whoever else Darren gets involved with, how badly does he want to be reunited with Corinne?

Due publication – Nov 2018.


Patrick is handsome, in his thirties, eligible, and available.

Twenty years have passed since his school days and those stolen glances at a handful of the pretty girls in the classroom. The outstanding beauty of the year was Jessica, with her long, wavy, red hair and incredible figure—a teenage temptress.

Patrick used the epithet Jessica Rabbit in a conversation with friends and the nickname stuck. It had been intended as a compliment, but teenagers don’t always appreciate what’s under the surface. In the blink of an eye, Patrick was repaid with the nickname Pat the Rat, and so, he had a nickname which was not inspired by goodwill.

With the elation of knowing the schooldays were over, the nicknames around the class were explained and excused and caused a few laughs. The disparate pupils all ended their school years as friends as they went their separate ways.

Settled as a widower, and working from home, Patrick tackles erotic short story writing as a new hobby. His work is critiqued on a website by other authors and he’s pleased to see where his strengths and weaknesses lie. One of the critiques has been composed by a writer called Jessica Rabbit. Surely not the delectable girl from all those years ago?

Due publication – early 2019.


A reflective account in first person point of view, told by the primary male character, Ron.

Ron and Candice enjoy their life together. Due to staffing cuts, Ron leaves an agency and goes freelance to maintain an income. He is a book cover designer and works across a wide range of genre.

Candice is a natural blonde beauty. She’s tall, has long shapely legs, and curves which give her a wholesome figure. As a business negotiator Candice must know when to push, and when to hold back, but her ability to plan strategically and control is second nature.

Early in their marriage, they discovered their blissful relationship would not be blessed with children, and it was accepted by both of them. In an effort to give more depth to their love for each other they often had deep discussions.

Sharing was a theme which drew them closer together, as they talked of thoughts, emotions, ideas, possessions and so on meaning more when shared. For both of them, sharing brought happiness … and then one day Candice discovered that Ron had taken sharing one step too far.

Due publication – early 2019.


All of the aforementioned stories are well-developed and are now being taken to the next level. It would be a tremendous help to me if I received any comments to guide me on which ones appealed to readers.

As always, there is no need for your comment to be known publicly. If you don’t wish your name to be seen, please comment using my confidential Contact page.

Sincere thanks.