Sharing … my latest publication

In Sharing, my latest erotica story, I’ve achieved a couple of goals.

The first target was to write a novella of at least 55-70,000 words inside three months. Instead of rushing it through in a couple of drafts to get it published, the next aim was to let it settle for at least two weeks between drafts to see if it could be developed to novel length (at least 85,000 words).

The finished product took another couple of months after reaching novella length. The book is now 100,000 words and I’m pleased with how the story evolved.

As I was compiling the chapters and considering the title I came up with the idea of using single words for the title and every chapter. I achieved this, which was no mean feat when considering there are thirty-three chapters … and an epilogue.

Perhaps there is nothing too remarkable in any of the above, but the story was first started while I was relaxing during a much bigger project. I was converting five-eBooks into three paperbacks and I wanted something to take me away from the stresses of rewriting, chopping and changing chapters and working out how to produce eight new blurbs.

The idea for Sharing came to me when I saw the picture I’m using for the cover.

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Sharing … an idea

If there is one thing I enjoy about creative writing, it is developing a story from the germ of an idea. There may be a conversation, a situation, an object of interest or some other means of opening the tale, but from there it can go in any direction—or several directions.

When writing a thriller or romance, novel or short story, a certain portion of the author’s persona is introduced, be it fractional or substantial. This may not be intentional, but it happens, and I believe this is even truer in erotica. Writing about sexual activities is far away from experiencing them, but if you are a writer it adds pleasure to the task if you imagine being involved in the tale.

In my next erotic novel, Sharing, the central character, Ron uses his vivid imagination in his work, and he’s successful enough to have regular clients. Candice is his stunning wife, and she too is successful in her profession, which takes her away from home occasionally. Ron’s one close friend outside of the marriage is Alan, and their friendship goes away back.

Other characters are introduced as the story develops, but there are ups and downs, as you would expect from any tale, but they are described with more intimacy and in more of a physical sense when it’s erotica—if it’s mine.

What can the reader expect to find in this story?

I’d hate to spoil the surprises in store, so I’ll just say there is a healthy mix of activity, and there is a lot more shared than simply ideas of the next position to use in bed.

Sharing has many connotations, but I like to think that authors are doing that very thing when they publish their work. Apart from stories, sharing can be an idea, an object, accommodation, wealth, a relationship, a friendship and more besides. It is from this premise that my story, Sharing was born, and as you’ll see if you read it—sharing can be used for pleasure, and taken to extremes.

My target publication date is 1st December. This will see the climax of many months of effort … and of course pleasure in taking the characters from their embryonic state to fully functioning participants in my tale.


Being a Good Girl – available

I’ve read westerns where on several occasions a six-gun accurately shoots over a distance of fifty metres, knocking the gun from another man’s hand—I didn’t get in touch to tell the author it is fantasy. I’ve read romance in which characters spend so much time expressing their love and gushing tenderness—I forgot where they were, and if they were dressed or naked.

In this tale, like my other erotica titles, apart from being detailed and realistic, I’ve opted for a cohesive story. Yes, I’m afraid I use that old-fashioned idea of a beginning, a middle, and an end.

There are no college bets, big debts to be repaid—however, magic potions to turn men into women (or vice-versa), and no time-travel to change somebody’s sexual orientation.

As I explained in my two-part article, Boys will be … Girls: Part 1, and Part 2, the cross-dressing sub-genre is an area ripe for creative fiction.

In my novel, Curious and Camping, cross-dressing is part of a double central theme, combined with relationships. The same sub-genre is merely a sideshow within another novel; Give & Take.

I realise that for many people, (some authors included), the idea of erotica as a genre is simply an excuse to compose smut—and those good folk are welcome to their opinions. If the work has gone in, and appropriate research or knowledge is used, an author can write well about anything.

If you didn’t already know, I started my erotica writing after reading a now famous, badly-written, badly-researched novel which featured an unlikely and highly-dangerous introduction into the world of BDSM. Don’t start me …

Being a Good Girl takes the angle of a young man who is caught en femme, which I believe is a superb premise to begin such a tale. I believe that many men (irrespective of age, their position in society, or background), are ‘caught’ through choice.

We suggest these men have been caught, but is it not also the case that they might have longed to get their predilection out there, to express their desire and partially relieve the stress, and the burden of self-imposed guilt?

Let’s have a look at a parallel in the world of crime.

How many times do we see a movie or TV series which highlights the serial killer, or other criminals, who become more daring, and leave more and more clues for the authorities?

Whatever the reasoning, where there is a sense of guilt, there is invariably a desire to be caught and punished, but perhaps not exposed.

Surely caught and exposed are the same thing?

I would say no, in the case of cross-dressing. To be ‘caught’ is more akin to being discovered by the significant other in a relationship. Being ‘exposed’ is related to a wider public knowledge. Being caught may result in any number of routes to be followed, and possibly the end of the partnership, whereas the other—being exposed, is pretty damning. We don’t live in a tolerant society whatever anybody says in the media. 

And, so, back to my tale of the accidentally discovered young cross-dresser.

He has a more advanced world surrounding him than he would have had thirty years ago. The internet is awash with websites, blogs, forums and so on. Contacts and information are available in abundance, and this is fodder for the creative writer. It takes what was once a narrow, shady world and opens it up to allow the character to be revealed, in conjunction with those with whom he achieves a connection.

Is the story targeted at a male or female audience?

Neither. My erotica aims to draw a reader in with the blurb, and then entertain with the story. If a particular scenario appeals, it depends on the outlook and expectations of the individual. You have to ask yourself how you would feel to be in such a relationship. Some people have no opinion, for others, it’s one of their fantasies, and others, it’s a reality.

In cases like the one featured in Being a Good Girl, it is invariably the partner who holds the key. Whether or not the spouse, partner or whoever agrees to take the ‘guilty’ party back into a relationship opens a whole new area for the writer to play in, and once again we can investigate a variety of options. I’ve taken our main character on a journey of discovery. There are four main characters, and two others with minor roles, so the cast is as intimate as the plot.

Does Darren enjoy his sexual education, and all ends well?

You’ll have to read the young man’s account to find out—it’s written in the first-person point of view.


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