Sharing … my latest publication

In Sharing, my latest erotica story, I’ve achieved a couple of goals.

The first target was to write a novella of at least 55-70,000 words inside three months. Instead of rushing it through in a couple of drafts to get it published, the next aim was to let it settle for at least two weeks between drafts to see if it could be developed to novel length (at least 85,000 words).

The finished product took another couple of months after reaching novella length. The book is now 100,000 words and I’m pleased with how the story evolved.

As I was compiling the chapters and considering the title I came up with the idea of using single words for the title and every chapter. I achieved this, which was no mean feat when considering there are thirty-three chapters … and an epilogue.

Perhaps there is nothing too remarkable in any of the above, but the story was first started while I was relaxing during a much bigger project. I was converting five-eBooks into three paperbacks and I wanted something to take me away from the stresses of rewriting, chopping and changing chapters and working out how to produce eight new blurbs.

The idea for Sharing came to me when I saw the picture I’m using for the cover.

Available now:

Amazon Preview / Buy

BookLinker – Universal



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