My Erotic Writing Year – 2018

At the beginning of each year, I write a summary post for my mainstream writing blog. The idea behind it is to inspire me with my writing aims for the year ahead and to let any followers see where I’m taking my ideas.

Similarly, as the year comes to a close, I produce another summary, in which I report on how my past year has gone and how successful I’ve been with my literary targets.

On the surface, my mainstream writing appeared to have the upper hand for the entire year, but in the background, throughout 2018, I always had at least two erotica projects. In terms of meeting targets, I exceeded them with erotica, because somewhere along the line I played around with two new ideas and they both came to fruition before the year-end.

In support of the opening graphic, here are the release dates:

MayCurious and Camping: An Erotic Adventure; published.

JuneQuiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories; published.

NovemberBeing a Good Girl: An Erotic Novella, published.

DecemberSharing: An Erotic Novel, published.

I have an erotic novel at an advanced stage, A Class Act, which is in my Work in Progress. It will be my first of this genre next year. I also have the groundwork prepared on three novellas and a book of poetry, all in line for 2019.


In terms of reading erotica I’m sorry to report that recently, I’ve yet to find that magical product—a book that is a ‘book’ which I can read and justify a public review. Call me Mr Picky, but something between 25–50 pages doesn’t constitute a ‘book’, and at the equivalent of $2.50, it also doesn’t suggest value for money. I don’t care how indecent the content is if the writing isn’t decent.

As I’ve said before, I’m not the be-all-and-end-all of erotic writing, but there is now definitely a premise that a nice cover is a way to a reader’s heart. I fail to see the point of a front cover which portrays a stunning, statuesque brunette with a deep cleavage when the main character is a slim, bi-curious teenage boy who is merely feminised, not transformed into a different body.

Yes, there are supposedly only seven main plots in creative writing, but in erotica, we have now reached the point where we have college scenarios involving a desperate need to get money, the sex-change experiment (pills, potions, and lollipops), and then of course, the ‘sister’ of whoever who becomes a cheerleader—yeah, whatever.

Oh, let’s not forget the stories where a little saliva rubbed on a certain naturally tight orifice is sufficient to provide ‘lubrication’—I don’t think so guys. The result of such lubrication would not be an unexpected instant of pleasurable pain and then ecstasy—it would be extreme pain and lasting mental scarring for the passive partner.

Well, as we leave the old year behind, I thought I’d express those thoughts on why I continually fail to find erotica worth reviewing.

Above is my erotica catalogue as I consider new ideas. You’ll see that I’ve now produced three novels, two anthologies of short stories, a five-part series of novellas, and a standalone novella—which I’m sure won’t be the last of its kind.

There is one other thing to think about as we head towards 2019—I’ll be continuing to depend on realism, plotting and full-length stories in my work. Just saying ….