Different Strokes

An eye-catching cover, an intriguing blurb and a decent price are all very well, but what if the book doesn’t do the job for some reason? 

There is a myriad of failings to choose from and they range from the length to interest, and of course integrity. Looking at those three areas, the book might be too short, too long, not interesting enough, or in terms of integrity—not do what it says in the blurb. 

As we enter the second month of 2019 I am conscious of two things: publishing regularly, but also only publishing when the work is ready.

I have work in progress in my regular writing; thrillers, and short stories. Here we are though on my erotica site, so what have I got partially-prepared in the background?

A novel, a novella, and a book of erotic poetry is the answer.

A Class Act is my longest story to date and is around 110k words (about 300 pages of manuscript). This tale began life as a short story, blossomed rapidly into a novella, and then the characters stepped in—and a novel was born. 

An erotic story is like actual sexual activity after all—it’s not something we want to end too quickly, and we want to feel satisfied when it’s over.

I’ve written this story from the first person point of view, which I believe lends itself to erotica—if for no other reason, the intimacy of the telling. It’s said that we should write what we ‘know’. I was comfortable narrating the story of a man who returns to his hometown and joins a local writing group, and then, of course, things rapidly swing away from ‘normal’ and we enter a world of sexual desire, exploration, and fulfilment.

My target publication date is Sunday, 10th February 2019.


Tongue in Cheek: Erotic Poetry has been fun and a challenge. Erotica, although enjoyable is hard enough to write, and poetry can be taxing, but I wondered about combining the two—erotic poetry.

At this point, I have achieved a total of thirty poems for the collection, but I’d prefer fifty naughty rhymes before publishing. Yes, I have plenty of other verses started, but I want them to work for the genre, so I’m in no hurry.

My aim in terms of content is to include a variety of situations for one, two, three or more characters, and also to feature certain sub-genres of the erotica label. Writing a sexy scene requires good choreography, a start and end point, and of course good imagery. I push myself a little harder with my poetry normally, in that I strive for rhyme—whatever the genre. 

The cover image has changed twice already.

My target publication date is Sunday, 10th March 2019.  

Coming … in 2019

During 2018 my characters were as varied as the situations in which they found themselves. My aim throughout this new year will be to produce another selection of colourful characters—male, female, and those who haven’t quite decided.

Lined up and all at different stages of completion I have a novel, a novella, and a book of verse showing in my Work in Progress section. Yes, you read it correctly, I’m also compiling a collection of erotic poetry.


Tongue in Cheek will be at least thirty poems of an erotic nature—I’m aiming for more, but it will be yet another literary experiment. How far I can take poetry in this genre remains to be seen, but I want to include as much diversity and range as possible, and there is a lot going on, or in, out there.

The cover has already changed twice.



A Class Act revolves around a writing group and those who attend.  The tale started life as a short story, but as these things do, just like the relationship between the characters, it got totally out of hand. From tight short story, the idea blossomed into a novella, but no, the people involved wanted more from me. It will make its public appearance as a novel.


Woman to Woman is the working title of a novella which supplements my first erotic novel.

How has that happened?

When I published Give & Take it was a big step for me, because although I’d had good feedback and reviews on my first anthology of the erotica genre, I’d never attempted a novel. The result I’m delighted to say was that Give & Take continues to sell, and it has a few reviews, which is unusual for the genre. I had several private messages via my website asking for more information about the history of Heather (the sexual therapist), and Leanne (the sexy sidekick).



The result—Woman to Woman. The story takes us back a few years to when the two women met and I intend it is ‘fleshed-out’ with enough information to keep everybody content.



And there you have it my friends, a brief look ahead to what is coming in 2019 from my erotica stable. As opposed to being a dedicated writer of erotica, the genre supplements my mainstream projects. I’m confident that my new titles will be published this year, but there will be no rush. I hope you find something in my E-catalogue to satisfy you.

As always, my Contact page is confidential, so if you have anything to say and prefer to keep it between you and me, you know where to send from. All correspondence gets a response.