A Class Act – available now

If you’re familiar with my writing you’ll be aware of my penchant for the double entendre, whether it be in a title, or a chapter heading. I feel I’ve surpassed myself with this title.

When you read, ‘A Class Act’, what does it mean to you? 

There are several interpretations, and I’m delighted to report that in this title I’m using at least four—yes, four.

This is not a short story or even a novella, it is a character-driven erotica novel.

I will complete my Work in Progress titles and then leave erotica for a while. The genre provides me with pleasure in the creation of the characters and their stories, but irrespective of sales, there is little feedback.

Although I will be focusing on my mainstream work, I will keep my promise to continue mentoring a new author on the erotica scene. She has some great ideas—perhaps I was meant to be an erotica mentor—who knew?

For those of you who are interested, I’m supplying the usual links—enjoy. As a point of interest, when you use the Amazon Preview/Buy link you’ll be able to read three chapters.

If you do, go on to try more of my titles, please consider leaving a review–they’re scarce.

Amazon Preview/Buy

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