A Matter of Taste

There is niche writing, and niche poetry, all of which cater for select tastes. I consider erotica among the niche genre, and so over a period of months I’ve been gradually building a collection of erotic poetry.

Why would any otherwise level-headed individual do such a thing?

I write a variety of genre and therefore my readership includes a wide cross-section of people. When it comes to poetry, the attraction to all the writer’s efforts is negated by the word ‘poetry’. Sadly, unless a person enjoys the written word in verse, they will not venture there. It’s like a like a vegan going into a restaurant—they will rapidly pass any meal on the menu which mentions meat.

Erotica, as I’ve said before is like oral sex—it’s a matter of taste. This, (erotica, not oral sex), is an area I’m now happy to accept attracts attention and sales, but rarely produces reviews, and therefore the titles are possibly overlooked by those astute readers who will only buy something which has been vetted and reported on by others.

Having taken all of the aforementioned into consideration, I yearned to know what would happen if I could produce the ultimate niche book—a collection of erotic poetry.

I had a few aims, among which were amassing at least thirty poems, including a wide range of sexual preference, and some longer, serial poetry. Having achieved my aims, I can report that I’ve created a collection of fifty verses of erotica.

I’ve already started the process of editing each and every poem. Unlike my other creative writing, this is not a task I tackle for hours at a time, which is why I’ve been working on it piecemeal for so long.

Will you be one of the daring ones to step into the world of erotic poetry, perhaps scantily dressed, or even naked?

There’s no need, you’ll be able to download it to your Kindle and read it when you desire.

If I believe that erotica and poetry are niche markets, why then have I invested so much time blending the two?

It’s simple. I believe it’s what a marketing guru would call ‘thinking outside the box’.

Surely the interest factor will capture the imagination of some readers, and then perhaps they’ll take a look at my other publications?

Maybe some of my present readership will pick up such a title out of amusement or genuine interest in the idea of erotic poetry. The verses will be much easier to read than a novel or novella. Size matters—to the erotica author.

My target publication date is Sunday 3rd March.


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