I’m pulling out …

Since mid-2014 I’ve dedicated some of my writing time to erotica.

As I reported recently on my mainstream blog Tom Benson – Creative, after my erotica ‘work in progress’ Woman to Woman, I’ll be tucking the genre away for a while.

I’m pleased to report that the story has now reached the end of the second draft, and is around 54, 000 words. Remarkably, I’m happy with how the two main characters have developed, individually, and together. When I wrote Give & Take, I only had a rough idea of how Heather and Lauren had progressed with their lives until they met.

Apart from never before having written a prequel, the greatest challenge with this story has been the ten-year age difference between the characters, but I feel I’ve accomplished the blending of the two lives.

Once they got together the two women got over it quickly enough. There is so much more to a relationship than age.

When the time comes, which will be in early April 2019, I’d appreciate any volunteers to beta read the end product. There would be no need to have read Give & Take, though it would add a certain something to the entertainment.


In other news, over the past few months, I’ve been mentoring a new erotica author—a young lady from Edinburgh. She hails from the opposite side of Scotland to me, but we see eye to eye where it matters—in the art of naughty storytelling.

I’ve handed over a couple of ideas to my protege to see how she deals with them, so while I get back to dishing out justice to bad guys, I’ll be happy in the knowledge that sexy characters I brought into the world are being developed and having a good time with somebody else.


For those who might be interested, Woman to Woman: Give & Take – The Prequel, is set for publication in late April 2019.