Woman to Woman – available

Woman to Woman is now available via Amazon or BookLinker.

When I published Give & Take I had a few readers who liked two of the characters so much they got in touch with me privately The readers wanted to know more about Heather and Lauren.

Woman to Woman is the story of how Dr Heather Clement first met Lauren Ashton, one of her team in the private clinic in the Scottish Highlands – first featured in Give & Take. If you have yet to read the novel, the clinic is the Sexual Exploration and Consultation Services (SECS). This, of course, is the same Dr Heather Clement who is mentioned in the Highland Games series and in a couple of my other erotic stories.

It may have taken a couple of years for me to produce life stories for these two characters, but I’m happy with the result. I hope it meets the expectations of my readers.


Amazon Preview/Buy                           BookLinker – Universal

3 thoughts on “Woman to Woman – available

  1. Hi Paul. Thanks for dropping by to leave a message, but more importantly, for giving the genre a try. I know that one book doesn’t create a convert, but it’s good to see somebody step out of their usual arena—and enjoy what they find.

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