Curious and Camping – Available


Curious and Camping: An Erotic Journey is now available on Amazon.

Why not pack something easily removed and join the guys on their trip?

Another option of course, is to get along to Amazon and get the eBook before the system overheats.

I tried my hand with Coming Around: and other erotic stories and the characters went down well …

A bit of Give & Take (A Tale of Erotica), was next–a novel creating a scenario featuring a lot of cum-uppance …

The reviews on the aforementioned gave me the confidence to flex my muscles for Highland Games, my five-part novella series.

Curious and Camping: An Erotic Journey features many aspects of the journeys undertaken by characters in my other erotica work, but showcasing two central characters throughout.

As the two guys set off on their two-week break, it was an adventure for me too–I only had a vague idea what they’d get up … to.

Now, I must await the opinion of those who have either enjoyed my previous erotica work, or those who will be trying my writing with this book.

Whichever camp you belong to, I’d appreciate your feedback.


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– A confidential message on this website, or on my main website – Tom Benson – Author.


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Curious and Camping: An Erotic Journey

   1 – Chris and Marty

  2 – Penelope and Kimberly

  3 – Marty and Lou

  4 – Marty and Ann-Marie

  5 – Glencoe

  6 – Aviemore

  7 – Natalie and Kathryn

  8 – Chris and Natalie

  9 – Kelso

10 – Questions and Answers

11 – A Few Mouthfuls

12 – Submission

13 – Chris and Penelope

14 – Thurso

15 – Danielle

16 – Preparations

17 – Debauchery

18 – Andrea

19 – Divulgence

20 – Dressed to Please

21 – Two into One

22 – Full-fill-meant




Coming in 2018

Let’s start the new year with a bang; gang …

I have three titles underway in my ‘regular’ genres, but I’d feel unsatisfied if I wasn’t indulging myself in some erotic shenanigans. A new novel and another collection of short stories are my aim at present.

The novel is Curious and Camping which will be written in first person point of view. Two young men will set off in a camper van into the remote areas of the Scottish Highlands on a voyage of discovery. The pair will meet several adventurous young ladies on their travels, but they’ll discover a few things about each other too.

Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories is the title of my next collection of twelve short erotica. As previously, I’m aiming to create variety across the tales. All of the stories in the collection will have been underway for some time, and in a few cases, they’ve been reworked over years. Good erotica is better when the build-up is slow, and the whole experience can be absorbed and enjoyed.

As 2018 gets underway I am celebrating the commencement of my first full year of retirement. I retired from regular work in November 2017.

How do my celebrations affect my readers?

I’ve reduced the price of my ‘first’ in series eBooks. One of those is Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella, which is now 99p (and equivalent).

If you’ve enjoyed my erotica and have yet to experience my more traditional genres, or poetry, here are the books on promotion – all at 99p each.

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As erotica is a niche market I will continue with no more than one blog post per month. As always, I’m open to communication via public comment, or via a private message on my Contact page.

For now, thank you for reading my posts and books, checking out my efforts, and please remember that the next greatest thing for an author after providing pleasure is to receive a review. 🙂


Keeping it up throughout the year

Season’s Greetings!

Welcome to the final post on my erotica website this year. I’m producing my summary in this genre a little early because I have a promotion mentioned within.

My foray into writing erotica was with Coming Around: and other erotic stories. It was suggested by several of my readers that I should try writing a novel of erotica, and Give & Take was born. During 2016 I wrote the background of Highland Games; an interconnecting series of five novellas. When content with the format I went on to write, rewrite several times and finally publish Highland Games – 1, and Highland Games – 2.

In March 2017 I created this blog, and during this year I completed the novella series by writing and publishing Highland Games – 3, Highland Games – 4, and Highland Games – 5.

Since mid-November, the novellas have been reduced to the lowest price allowed by Amazon, (99p UK, and international equivalents). The series has sold well recently – which is not surprising.

The reduced-price promotion will continue until end December 2017.

As this year comes to an end I’m pleased with the way my erotica catalogue is growing …

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What will I have to offer next year?

I have a handful of titles underway in my ‘regular’ genres, but they will be detailed in my Tom Benson – Creative blog.

In my first post of 2018 on this website, I’ll give a preview of the two new titles I’m working on for this divisive, or as I prefer to call it, selective genre; erotica.

Thank you for your patronage and trust.


Coming Together

The characters are dressed, undressed or somewhere in between. The scenes are set and ongoing. Highland Games – 5: An Erotica Novella is in the final stages of editing and is scheduled for publishing in September. This final part in the series will introduce new characters and highlight how far a couple of the original characters have come.

When I started the Highland Games series I was confident of my ability to produce the five parts, although the level of work to interweave them was an unknown quantity. As the individual characters came to life for me they developed naturally. In the first of the series I was dipping my toe in the water with regard to one or two people, but I’m pleased to say that I’m now totally immersed in all of them.

Of all of the books I’ve written, I’ll be keen to see if this series takes off when all five titles are out there. Personally, I prefer to know that a series is ready to follow up before I read the first book. My own perspective will be justified if I see a difference in the fortunes of my Highland Games.

What may a reader expect to find in the conclusion to the stories?

As you might expect, there will be heterosexual scenes, but I believe those who read erotica are after that little bit extra. If you are among those numbers I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You’ll find women with women, men with men, women acting like men and men acting like women in more ways than one.

Will there be any scenes with more than two characters?

Of course, and there will be my usual hints in advance of activities. One of the challenges I’ve enjoyed in compiling this series of interconnecting tales is the choreography; remembering to check who was doing what to who, and with what. For some readers, like the characters themselves, the climax of the scene is the goal, but the build up must be a well-constructed ingredient.

Where do I go from here?

I’m tempted to lay the groundwork for a new novel, possibly featuring characters who have come together in Highland Games. If I write a novel the Highland Haven Hotel would feature, but I’m sure there would be visits to the homes of one or two of the characters. Perhaps I’ll commit time to the project, or I might wait until some brave, or anonymous souls leave me a hint in their reviews regarding what to do next.

Over the next couple of weeks, you may rest assured I’ll be editing and polishing the conclusion. Reaching a satisfying climax is important, but as we all know, it’s those final touches that make the difference between good – and great.

Thank you for reading, and as always, any feedback is welcome. If you’d like to get in touch on any topics covered in my work or on the content of my site, please remember you don’t have to ‘go public’. If I receive a confidential message, it stays confidential.

Not long to go now …




The Rhythm Method

Yes, it’s all about prevention, isn’t it. You’ll be pleased to learn that prevention is the only connection between this post and the unrealistic contraception method.

give-take-150516When I wrote Give & Take: A Tale of Erotica, it was an experiment, like much of my writing tends to be. There are those who write nothing more than erotica, and there are others who write nothing like erotica. I’m working hard on this genre, because for me at least it’s more than scenes of sexual activity.

The novel is free on Amazon over the weekend 13th/14th May 2017. Amazon – Preview/Buy option.


Having had generous feedback on my novel in the erotica genre I wanted to write more. I enjoy writing thrillers, romance, and short stories, but I had a yearning to do something different. It was at that point I thought of novella length stories.

I considered writing a novella, but figured it would disappear under the mountains of titles out there, purporting to be erotica. Next in my sights was the idea of writing three or four novellas, and maybe if one caught the imagination, the others would be picked up too.

No, there was something inherently wrong in believing a small group of individual stories would work, and then my lightbulb moment, my ephiphany.

Why not a series, but an interconnecting series in which a group of characters will cross each other’s paths? They would need to have something in common, apart from a sexual connection, and a run-down remote hotel in the Scottish Highlands was refurbished and became the Highland Haven Hotel, in my head.


Where does the Rhythm Method come in?

I’m aiming to prevent failure of an idea. My first characters had evolved in late 2015 in short stories which were never completed to my satisfaction; my writing satisfaction. I wanted to write their stories, but make sure they clicked into place with the others.

Early in 2016, while I set up the characters’ first meetings, and the relevant scenarios it occurred to me to use the ‘diary’ style which has become a characteristic of my writing.

The difference in the Highland Games series of novallas would be the lack of a definitive year. I would create a workable timeline using days and months, and interconnect the books and scenes. My idea was developing, but my system was going to prove hard work unless I wrote something.

I wrote Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella, and published in July 2016.

highland-games-1-cougarThe rhythm method would have to be used from then on with the series. If I was going to inter-relate the stories, I’d have to write passages for each different book as the ideas came to mind. In effect, I’d write the series by spending time on one book, and then put it aside and work on another. By alternating between the novellas and my ‘regular’ projects I’d strike up a rhythm.

Although each book of the series would have a variety of characters, the individual tales would be focussed on one or two central characters, but drawing in scenes which involved others. Cameo roles would have a place in this multi-aspect story.

Where am I now?

Highland Games – 2: An Erotica Novella is out there alive and well. The central location is established along with several characters. In late May, or early June 2017, I’ll publish the third story which is presently in the final edits stage.


Not surprisingly, both the fourth and fifth books are well underway and being built with new and existing characters, fresh scenes, and a lot of cross-referencing and care. My aim is to have the entire series available on Amazon by December 2017.

highland-games-3-bi-curiousShould you decide to visit The Highland Haven Hotel in my first novella, I hope you enjoy your stay, and perhaps return to it via the other books in the series.

As always, I thank you for your visit.