Hi there, and thank you for visiting my ‘naughty’ site.

Erotica is a topic which can be divisive, and for this reason, I decided to separate this genre from what some may refer to as my ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ writing blog.

Why would a broad-minded individual like me suggest erotica was tainted in some way?

I don’t, however, there are readers and authors who prefer not to read erotica, which is fine. In many cases, as I’ve discovered from reading comments on social media, there are folk who will avoid a website, or blog if it deals with this topic.


As will be seen in my side column, (those three little bars at the top right corner), I have more than one website. Reluctantly, I’ve taken the step of setting up my ‘naughty’ creativity as a standalone blog/website. My erotica titles, like all of my other writing, are published under my own name and are therefore listed on my author website.

If you have an opinion on my topics, or the subject of erotica writing in general, please comment on a relevant post on this site, or use the Contact form. Any information or communication made via Contact is private and goes to an email address, unlike a public comment on a post. The choice is yours.

If you should buy into my erotica titles I would be grateful of a review–however short. You may of course review anonymously if you wish, or you can send feedback to me here via the Contact page.

My intention is to write monthly posts, and they will be listed in My Post Box, below my website logos. (Remember, the three little bars at the top right?)

Thank you for taking an interest in my writing of this genre.