Being a Good Girl: An Erotic Novel

I had strong feelings for Corinne, my girlfriend, but I had a secret passion. When she found out by accident she left me.

In desperation, while online, I found Kirsten, a person with a fetish like mine. I got the opportunity to visit, but while there I met the strong-willed Nadia.

My journey took some unexpected turns. It became apparent, that if Corinne took me back, there might be conditions I’d have to agree to meet.

Was I destined to lose control of my life?


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Table of Contents

1. Introductions

2. Paradise

3. Girl Talk

4. Perspectives

5. Sensual Practices

6. Paradise Revisited

7. Awakening

8. Coming Together

9. Going Down

10. Bottoms Up

11. Confessions

12. By the Numbers

13. A Little Knowledge

14. A Taste of Freedom

15. Powerless

16. Another Day in Paradise   

17. Acceptance

18. Home Coming

19. Second Chances

20. Viewing Pleasure

21. Understanding Relationships