Chapter 1


My name is Ron, I’m a thirty-two-year-old man, and according to most people, not bad-looking. Well, that’s a cross I’ve been happy to bear, and it hasn’t changed—not too much anyway. My eyes are blue, my hair is blond, and I wear it long—usually in a ponytail. At a little under six-foot, I can carry my well-distributed weight. I’m definitely not of an athletic build, but neither am I fat. Although well-built as some would say, I swim, cycle, jog, and play golf, so I keep myself fit.

So, there you have it—to anybody in passing, I’m Mr Average.

What makes me different to the guy I used to be? 

It will feel more logical if I continue with another couple of questions.

What is sharing?

Yes, it’s many things to different people, but in it’s purest form I suppose it’s the joint use of something or several items. Okay, that’s not a dictionary answer, but I think it works.

Is sharing important?

Now, at this point we have many parameters to consider, like; Who are sharing? What are they sharing? Why are they sharing? At this early stage, you might wonder why this is important, but you’ll see where I’m coming from shortly.

I’ve heard it said that positive sharing creates a mutual feel-good experience which helps to prolong life. If we share feelings, knowledge and possessions, we develop a sense of trust which can lead to us feeling happy.

In the tale, I’m about to relate, it will be up to you to decide which aspect of sharing came first for me, and which caused the trigger for the events which followed. I would be tempted to say it was a sharing of possessions, but perhaps it was destiny—the shared thoughts and emotions of an earlier time had set up the circumstances.

You’re probably thinking, okay, get to the point, so let’s go with logic once again. To find the answers to why I am the man I am today we only have to go back three months. The week started out pretty average in most respects.



6th August 2007

Candice, my statuesque and sexy wife, tied her long blonde hair back and announced she wanted to enjoy her unexpected free day. ‘I want to start the day by waking up my body—are you up for some competition on your run this morning?’

‘If you think you’re capable, I’d love the company.’ When I’d arrived downstairs in my vest and shorts, I noted that Candice wasn’t in her usual loose top and jogging pants and ready to do one of her indoor weights sessions—she was dressed like me in a light vest and shorts, but she looked so much better in the running outfit.

We set off slow, and then put in a good pace for five miles. I knew it was steady because after we’d warmed up, there was no conversation.

On our arrival back at the house when Candice went into the en suite to shower, I used the one in the spare bedroom. 

I pulled on a T-shirt and jeans, which were my working clothes on days like this. I organised fruit juice, coffee and cereal for both of us. Candice breezed into the dining room in a red and black, floral summer dress which worked well with her full figure—showing off her bust and her incredible legs. A pair of slingback stilettos added that final sexy touch.

‘You look sensational,’ I said. ‘I thought you were just heading into town to meet up with an old friend for coffee?’

‘I am, but that’s doesn’t mean I have to lower my standards.’ She leant back a little and shook her head to send her long blonde waves tumbling around her bare shoulders. ‘I like to take the opportunity to look and feel feminine. Too much time in a business suit isn’t good for a girl.’

‘Well, you certainly look feminine, and you’ll be admired by men and woman alike looking the way you do.’

‘Thank you, sweetheart—I see you’re dressed for a hard day upstairs in your office?’

‘Just because I’m dressed casually doesn’t mean I’m not working hard.’

‘Oh, I’m sure whatever you wear doesn’t affect your ability to do your job.’ She laughed. 

We chatted at the dining table as we enjoyed breakfast and then Candice drove into town, and I went upstairs to my study-cum-office to get to work.


In the evening after dinner, we relaxed with a glass of wine.

‘Did you make much headway with your latest covers?’ Candice always took an interest.

‘Yes, I finished a project this afternoon. It was the paperback cover for a gangster story, and it was the author’s first book converted from digital to print, so he wanted it to be special.’

‘Have you had a response back yet?’

‘Yes, he sent an email within an hour of receiving the final solution, and he was delighted.’

‘You’re lucky to have maintained a steady flow of work since the agency stepped things down.’

‘Well, I’m lucky to have the work, and still have a permanent position—most of the designers had to go, and some went freelance to bring money in.’

We sat in silence for a few minutes, and I realised I’d been so engrossed in my own world, I hadn’t asked about my wife’s day.

‘I’m sorry, Candice, I didn’t ask how your coffee and chat went this morning?’

‘It went well, thank you, and it was lovely to see Stella again after quite a long time.’ She grinned. ‘You might remember her—you met her once, probably about a year ago, and afterwards, you said she was an Amazon. She’s got my sort of figure, but she’s slightly taller?’

‘Oh, the attractive, brunette. Yes, she’s what some people might refer to as plus-size, but she looks amazing.’

‘She sends her regards, and she still looks amazing. You have one thing in common because she stepped back from regular hours to work from home.’

‘You seem to have plenty of appointments, so it can’t be because your head office is losing people?’

‘No, Stella left the main office for personal reasons—a totally different set of circumstances to you.’

‘I hope things are alright with her. I know I’ve only met her once, but I really like her.’

‘You mean you fancied her?’

‘Well, I’ve got a beautiful wife, so doesn’t that make it alright to like the look of other women, as long as I stay in line?’

‘I’ll let you off, but only because I agree, Stella is a handsome woman.’

We talked for a while about the way regular jobs seemed to have changed over the years, and then Candice reminded me that she was going to be away on an assignment for Tuesday and Wednesday.

‘I’ll go upstairs and pack a few things,’ Candice said. ‘It’s only one overnight stay, but it saves me a lot of hassle.’ She stood. ‘I think an early night would be a good idea, but if you happen to come to bed in about half an hour, you could help me get off to sleep.’

‘It’s a date.’ I laughed. ‘I’ll switch off everything down here shortly and wash up these glasses.’

When I climbed into bed naked a while later, I was treated to the sight and sensations of my darling girl in all her natural glory. We indulged in a little foreplay and then made love until we were both satisfied. We fell asleep entwined in each other’s arms.



7th August

I started the day with a cycle ride, came home, showered and had breakfast with Candice. We watched the news and weather reports and then Candice went upstairs and brought down her overnight bag and laptop case.

‘I suppose while I’m away trying to save a company from collapse you’ll be dossing around in your dressing gown drinking coffee?’

I laughed. ‘I’ll be drinking plenty of coffee, but I’ll get dressed once you’ve gone.’

‘Do you have any work lined up?’

‘I have covers to design for three paperbacks for one client and four covers to develop for eBooks and audio CDs for other clients.’

‘Enough to keep you out of mischief then—but it must be nice to permanently work from home now?’

‘Oh, it is—there’s no comparison to how my working life used to be. As I said yesterday, thanks to all the overheads the agency has saved money on, it’s made it affordable to keep four of us in steady work.’

‘Well, my darling, some of us still have to go out and take part in the rat-race.’

I watched Candice stride down our long hallway, her heels clicking on the shiny wooden floorboards. She stood at the full-length mirror to brush her hair again before pulling on her jacket. My wife was dressed in a navy trouser suit and cream blouse. Her shoes were only three-inch heels, but at six-foot in her stocking-feet, she was tall.

Candice lifted her long blonde hair out over her jacket, and as I admired her from the kitchen door, it occurred to me the only differences between us was her gorgeous big breasts and the succulent area at the junction of her sumptuous thighs. We were of a similar build and height, and though she called herself ‘thick around the waist’, she was a beauty.

I pulled my dressing gown together as I walked along the hallway. ‘Call me when you reach Aberdeen—let me know you’ve arrived safely.’

‘It’s hardly a massive distance by train, Ron, darling. Edinburgh to Aberdeen isn’t a trip on the Orient Express.’

I laughed. ‘You could have driven up there and come back today, but I suppose you could still be heading back to the same place tomorrow?’

‘I could be, but if I go by train, I can get some paperwork organised on the journey.’

‘Why is it better to allow two days?’

‘The client is dealing with the possibility of closing down, so today might simply be a briefing day. If we have to start again tomorrow, I want an early start on the negotiations with the finance people. Unless by some miracle an offer of help reaches the client, I’ll finish tomorrow and be back in the early evening.’

‘You look amazing, so if there are any men there, you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.’

‘Not all men like a big girl, Ron, and remember, when I’m doing my job, I’m more than a little assertive.’

‘You might think of yourself as a big girl, but underneath that business suit you’re beautiful, and you’re all woman—anyway, what’s wrong with having an assertive woman if she looks like you?’

‘I’m going before you cause me to take off this business suit and get assertive with you right now.’

‘Oh, Candice, I love it when you talk like that—’

‘Now you’re beginning to sound like your friend and fitness partner.’

‘Alan? Yes, and he’s a good example of a good-looking guy who fancies you.’

‘He may look like an Adonis, darling, and though he makes the right noises around me, you might find he’d be keen to get it on with you.’

I laughed. ‘Don’t be silly—he thinks you’re stunning, and he’s told me often enough.’

‘Well, I’ve only met him a couple of times, and I’ve seen the way he looks at you.’ She winked. ‘You mark my words—your friend wants to get into your underwear.’

‘Get out of here, or you’ll miss your train, you crazy woman.’ 

Candice laughed. ‘I’ll call later. You finish your coffee and get dressed.’ She leant forward and kissed me briefly on the lips before lifting her bag and laptop case. ‘Be good …’

A taxi pulled up into our cul-de-sac and drove slowly around to our driveway. I watched Candice as she strode up the drive, and the driver got out to open the back door for her. There was an imperceptible raising of his eyebrows as he watched my wife slide into the back seat.

I went back to the kitchen and finished my coffee. While I sat at the breakfast bar, I opened my dressing gown and looked down at my cock—already rising and throbbing at the thought of what lay ahead.


Instead of getting dressed I went through a ritual to prepare my face for makeup. The first time I’d dealt with cleansing, foundation and suchlike I wasted a lot of time and made a mess.

I’d made progress the day I admitted to myself that I just looked like a man with a bad makeover. I was confident I looked decent from the neck down, and due to having had long hair for so long, there was no problem there. Mastering makeup had taken a couple of hours viewing tips on the internet and then practising when I had the opportunity.

Candice only travelled a long distance for work occasionally, and if she was local, I’d never risk her coming home early. Being discovered was probably the most frightening thought in my head.

When I’d finished with my makeup I was proud of myself. Apart from wearing curling, dark lashes I’d managed to mimic a colour range close to what Candice would wear. Yes, her complexion might be slightly lighter, but not much. I’d usually have my hair centre-parted, especially when in a ponytail, but for fun, I parted to one side the way I’d seen Candice do hers.

I chose a matching set of white lace bra and panties and set them out on top of our bed. I chose a suspender belt which was white with tiny red petals on the straps. Candice didn’t like tights because she said they were unhygienic so I was always confident of finding a pair of stockings. Having a similar build and a strong, shapely pair of legs, Candice’s choice in most things worked for me.

I pulled on the suspender belt and adjusted it to sit with the four straps dangling in the correct positions. With great care, I rolled up the first of a pair of barely-black stockings and slowly eased it up my left leg. Before my shower earlier, I’d given myself a close all-over shave—including my legs, so the sensation of the nylon on my leg was driving me mad. I clipped the stocking top at front and back to the suspender belt and then eased the other stocking up my right leg.

After I’d adjusted the straps of the bra, I loosely padded out the cups with pairs of soft underwear. As usual, the most challenging thing apart from makeup was tucking my semi-erect cock out of the way. I got my underwear up high on my thighs before parting my legs and pushing my throbbing dick back. I always knew it was in the correct position when I felt the head between my buttocks. I held myself in place and tugged up my panties, so they were snug.

I’d chosen my dress already, and it was hanging in front of the wardrobe door waiting. I opted for something I’d never tried before—a light, summer dress which flared a little at the waist and stopped half-way up the thighs. I was conscious of my heavy breathing by the time I’d slipped into the dress.

My greatest challenge was shoes because my feet were two sizes bigger than Candice’s feet, so it didn’t leave me many options. Fortunately, Candice had two nice pairs of shoes with a peep-hole toe. One pair had elasticated sling-backs, and a stiletto heel—ideal for me.

When I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, I wanted to fuck myself. I’d never taken so long to get dressed and when I thought about it, the time taken was worth every minute. As I gazed at myself, I wondered if there was anything else which I didn’t usually have time to do. It struck me as I played with my hair—I could paint my nails and wear some jewellery.

I had to concentrate to stop trembling, but eventually, I ended up with bright red fingernails, and though they may not have been perfect, they were pretty. I removed my two gold ear-studs and replaced them with dangling gold and ruby earrings. I found a delicate gold chain for my neck and a narrow gold bracelet—and I was finally happy with the end result.

I sat on a kitchen stool but near the doorway so I could look along the hallway to see myself in the full-length mirror near the door. I sipped my coffee and admired my handiwork—I’d excelled myself. While I stared along the hall it struck me that out of all my secret pictures of myself I didn’t have one which looked this good, so I finished my coffee and went upstairs for my camera.

A shelf halfway along the hallway was just the right height to let me use the timer and capture myself in poses, on and around one of the breakfast bar stools.

When I heard the click-clack of heels on the paving of the driveway, my heart skipped a beat, and I froze on the tall stool. It sounded like Candice’s footfalls, but she was away to Aberdeen for two days, so who could it be?

As a safety precaution, I usually left my keys in the lock on the inside of the front door, which meant nobody could unlock the door from the outside. I breathed a sigh of relief as I recalled that tiny detail, and then I stepped off the stool to put my mind at rest. As I stared at the door lock, I heard the footsteps get closer, and my heart raced. I looked at the shelf where the camera was positioned and right there beside the camera were my keys.

When I heard the key being inserted in the lock and saw the door handle turning I thought I was about to die. I took one step away from the stool and stared at the full-length mirror beside the now opening door. I didn’t want to cry, but it was close. My brain turned to mush—what to say?

This isn’t what it looks like, Candice ….

I can explain, darling ….

I’ve wanted to try this for so long ….

So many scenarios were crowding my thoughts that it paralysed me. Should I try to go back out through the kitchen to the back garden—yes, and then what?

I glanced at the camera. Shit—I had to grab it before I did anything else. I took four paces and reached out to lift the damning confirmation of what I’d been doing, apart from being dressed as I was. I turned to try for the back door, but I didn’t make it to the kitchen. If I tried to walk quickly in stilettos, I’d have broken my ankle.

When I heard the telltale click of the lock, I accepted I’d have to face the music. I turned before I reached the kitchen door. I put my hands behind my back and tried desperately to unscrew the mini-tripod from my compact digital camera.

The door opened. Candice walked in, turned and closed the door quietly, lowered her overnight bag to the floor and lifted her laptop bag from her shoulder. She faced the door for a moment and sighed.

I stood like a rabbit caught in headlights, perhaps twenty steps away, my hands still behind me, fingers working feverishly to unscrew the mini-tripod. I removed the tiny stand, but as I did, my fingertip pressed one of the buttons, and I felt the zoom lens operate. My heart was thudding inside my chest, and I knew time was running out, but I had nowhere to run. The bottom of the stairs were beside the front door—I could hope that Candice would go straight upstairs. Even if I could creep out through the back way, or close myself in another room—I couldn’t change my costume.

Candice turned from the door, performed a double-take and then squinted. Her glistening ruby lips parted, but no sound came out. There was a slight shake of her lovely head, and she stared again. Her feet had yet to move since she closed the door.