Chapter 1

Heather’s Education

Friday 23rd August, 1985

Pitlochry, Scotland

“Happy Birthday, Heather.” Tony Miller handed over a small brightly-coloured parcel and leant forward to nervously kiss the beautiful fifteen-year-old on the cheek. “You look stunning tonight.”

“Thank you, Tony—don’t I always look stunning?” The lovely brunette feigned hurt.

“Oh, shit, sorry … I mean … of course, you do … I mean, you look extra stunning tonight.”

Heather laughed and leant forward to kiss her red-faced classmate on the cheek. “I’m only teasing.”

Tony gave her a big smile and joined a small group of the other teens in the large living room.

Heather’s best friend, April stepped forward, looked left and right and whispered, “Are you messing with the boys already, and we haven’t got the party started yet?”

Heather laughed. “Tony’s lovely, but he’s so shy and easy to wind up.”

“Where’s Ben—I thought he’d have been here early to keep the competition at bay?”

“He might not come, April, but I’ll tell you why later—if he doesn’t show.”

“Now you’re teasing me.” She giggled. “I hope he doesn’t come so I can get the low down.”

“You’re terrible.”

“How many more have you got coming tonight?”

“I think there’s only a couple more. I invited nearly everybody in the class, but I think the total guests was nineteen—ten guys, and nine girls.”

“When are your parents coming back home?”

“My mum assured me they’d give us until about ten o’clock.”

“Were they both working at the hospital today?”

“Yes, so it felt a bit unfair expecting them to stay out when they could do with a rest.”

“You can’t help it if your fifteenth birthday fell on a Friday.” April laughed. “It’s their fault.”

Heather was laughing when one of her final guests arrived. “Hi, Candice. I’m glad you could make it.”

“Thank you for the invite.” Candice handed over a gift and kissed Heather on the cheek. “Happy Birthday.” She turned. “Hi April—quite a good turnout, eh?”

“Hi, Candice, yes it is, but a special person is conspicuous by his absence.”

“Who?” Candice looked around the room. “Don’t tell me Ben isn’t here yet?”

Heather shook her head. “I’ve just told April, he might not come, but I’m pleased to see the rest of you guys.”

April said, “Time for us to go and organise some music, Candice—look who’s just arrived.”

“Happy Birthday, Heather.” Ben approached and kissed Heather softly on the lips. A few whistles sounded in the room and various other sounds from the others.

“Thank you,” Heather said, amidst blushes when she accepted her gift. “I wondered if you’d turn up after … you know?”

The sound of pop music filled the air, and several of the partygoers got together to cavort in the middle of the cleared living room.

Ben put his arm around Heather’s shoulder. “Can we talk somewhere?”

“Yes. We can go into the dining room.”

Two minutes later, when out of sight of the others, Ben embraced Heather and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, and moving a hand up to cup one of her breasts. She pushed him away.

“You’re not going to say much like that, Ben—are you fixated on kissing and sex?”

“Aw, come on Heather.” Ben held her by the upper arms and looked into her eyes. “We agreed that when you turned fifteen, we’d go to the next stage—”

“No, we didn’t, Ben—you decided when I was fifteen, we’d go to the next stage. I said I’d think about it, and now, you’ve given me a reason to say, no, and you can have this back, whatever it is.” She handed over the wrapped gift he’d given her a few minutes earlier.

“What’s wrong with you. I said I’d be careful and I’ve been really patient.”

“Ben—take this back, and go, now, please—we’re over.”

“You’ve got fucking problems, Heather—you need to loosen up.” He took the gift and still gripped her by one arm.

April’s voice was low, but the message was clear. “Ben, I think you’ve been asked to leave, so why don’t you just fuck off.”

He turned and pointed at the blonde. “You keep out of this, or—”

“Or what? There are at least three boys next door who’d be happy to give you a kicking for upsetting Heather. If you wait a minute, I’ll go and fetch one of them.”

“Oh, fuck off the pair of you—you’re probably fucking lesbians anyway.” He stormed off and slammed the front door as he left.

Heather burst into tears and was embraced by her friend.

“Don’t you dare cry over that piece of shit,” April said. “You’re too good for him.”

“Hey,” Kenny Smythe said. “What did that shit do—are you girls okay?”

“We’re fine, Kenny,” April said. “Could you close that door and if anybody asks, just say that Ben was pushing his luck?”

“Do you want me to go after him?”

April laughed. “He’s not worth it, but thanks, Kenny.”

The dining room door closed,  Heather burst into tears. With the sound of music blaring in the living room as a backdrop, Heather told her best friend about how Ben had tried to force himself on her only a few days earlier. Ben had only seen Heather three times and expected the girl to accept much more than a kiss and a wandering hand.


Friday 18th October, 1985

Heather wasn’t short of offers of a boyfriend after Ben, but she declined. Ben had been her second boyfriend since the age of fourteen, and both boys had expected her to have sex within a few dates. She desperately wanted to be a doctor, like both her parents. Her greatest worries were pregnancy, and not getting good enough grades for the further education process.

It was one night while babysitting with April that Heather’s world was turned upside down. The two girls watched a chick-flick, ate some chocolate and drank coke—nothing dangerous or naughty. When the film was over they got talking about clothes they wanted to buy and April said it must be difficult for Heather to keep up with bra sizes.

“What do you mean?” Heather said. “Mine is only a little bit bigger than yours.”

“Are you joking?” April said and shook her head. “Every girl in our class is jealous of you.” She held her hand up under Heather’s ample chest. “What a gorgeous pair of boobs.”

Heather placed her hands up under April’s breasts. “How do you like it—somebody feeling your chest?” She took her hands away again and looked down at April’s hands.

“I don’t mind you touching mine if I can touch yours,” April smirked, and watched her own hands as she slowly moved them up and gently squeezed her friend’s breasts. “You really do have the most wonderful chest, Heather.”

“April, have you seen yourself—you’re fondling my chest.”

“If you didn’t like it, you’d push my hands away,” April whispered, as she lowered her hands to Heather’s waist and stared into her eyes. “You’ve got beautiful lips too.” She swallowed hard. “What do you think of my lips?”

“They’re … very … nice.” Heather felt that she should stop the way April was acting, but she couldn’t bring herself to push her friend away. Something was exciting about a girl touching her, and unlike with a boy, nothing to worry about. Heather gazed into April’s eyes.

“Are my lips … kissable, Heather?” April’s voice was barely a whisper, and her gaze was steady on her friend’s eyes.

Heather licked her lips. “April … this feels very—”

April leant forward and closed her eyes as she softly pressed her lips to Heather’s.

Heather closed her eyes, and there was no fear, only a strange excitement. It felt natural to reach forward and hold April. When her arms slipped around her friend’s body, the two girls stopped the kiss, opened their eyes briefly, and then moved closer together before kissing again.

The pair stopped, breathless, and looked at each other, both of their faces beaming.

“That was so nice, Heather.” April studied her friend’s features. “Would you like to do—”

Heather silenced her friend by instigating the next kiss, but this time she felt a light pressure on her lips. When she parted them, April’s tongue entered her mouth and then withdrew, so Heather copied what she’d done. Kissing a girl was much more pleasant than kissing a boy.

As the two friends lay back on the sofa and exercised their tongues in each other’s mouth, it was April who ventured to do what had been on her mind from earlier. She gently undid the buttons on Heather’s blouse until it was open to the waist.

“Oh, Heather, please let me see you without a bra.”

“I’m just the same as you.”

April pulled her blouse open, took it off, and reached back to unclip her bra. “I’ll show you—you’re not.” She dropped her arms forward, and her bra fell off exposing her moderate breasts. “Please, Heather.”

Heather slipped her blouse off her shoulders, and though embarrassed, she smiled when she saw the look on her friend’s face. “Would you like to help me remove my bra, April?”

April didn’t need asking twice, and instead of getting up, she reached around Heather, and the bra was off within a few seconds. “Oh, Heather.” April gently lifted Heather’s ample breasts in both hands and leant forward to worship them, softly kissing and sucking the erect nipples.

Heather panted, wondering if she should have stopped this before it got so far. No, this was okay, it wasn’t going to get them into trouble—only boys could do that. Having her nipples sucked and nibbled was creating incredible sensations deep down for Heather, but she didn’t want to be selfish.

“Would you … like me to … kiss your nipples … April?”

In reply, April sat back and watched as Heather moved forward to give the same treatment she’d just received.

It was the first time Heather had ever done such a thing, but it felt so natural, and when she heard April’s soft moans and sighs, it made every second of effort worthwhile. 

“Kiss me, please, Heather.”

Heather sat up and took the initiative, pressing her lips softly to April’s and then softly caressing her friend’s body with her fingers as she moved a hand up to cup a breast, and tease the nipple with her fingertips. As she did, Heather realised that both of her breasts were being attended to at once. It seemed like April was in heaven being able to touch what had been so impressive to her.

Although it was April who’d started the intimacy, Heather was taking charge and moved her kisses from April’s lips to her ears, neck, and shoulders. She smiled as she moved down once again to her friend’s firm nipples and sucked gently. Heather’s tongue worked in circles around the soft, but firm young breasts and then she moved down to where her fingertips had been caressing—April’s abdomen.

“Oh, God, yes, Heather … kiss me … bite me there … please.” April was panting heavily as teeth sunk into her flesh, and she felt Heather sucking as she nibbled the firm area.

The sound of a baby crying can ruin many things, but on this occasion, it destroyed a special bond irretrievably. When Heather sat up and looked at her friend, they both realised how far their first innocent steps had gone in a short time.

For a few seconds, they sat there both breathing heavily.

April grabbed her bra and fumbled to fasten it before she pulled on her blouse and went to check on the baby.

While Heather was alone, she got dressed and rearranged her clothing. “How far would we have gone?” She touched her cheeks and felt the extreme heat, not of passion, but embarrassment.

When April returned a few minutes later, she had also rearranged herself. She sat beside Heather on the sofa, and both girls stared straight ahead for a few minutes without talking. It took a while before a conversation got underway, and they didn’t discuss what had happened.

They didn’t ask each other for company when babysitting for anyone after that evening.

It was a few weeks later that something happened to put Heather off a sex life until she was an adult. Candice Morton didn’t come to school for a few days, and it wasn’t long before the reason became known—she was pregnant, and still only fifteen.

“Heather,” April whispered across their two desks. “Have you heard about Candice?”

“Yes … apparently, she’s pregnant.”

“It’s a bit more scandalous than that—the father is Ben Harkin.” April paused. “Do you recall the last two people to arrive at your birthday party—Candice and Ben. Her dates work out that it was about then, so he had her because he was getting nowhere with you.”

That day, Heather left romance on the shelf—until she reached university there would be no intimate relationships in her life.