Poems 1 – 5

1 – Tongue in Cheek

‘Use your tongue’ he pleaded

I held his cheeks to start

My tongue went where needed

I like to play my part


Around, then in and out

probing in the heat

My flesh and his no doubt

just different people’s meat


Drew back and licked my lips

prepared to go back in

Sensed the rhythm of his hips

I lifted up my chin


Again my tongue explored

I tasted different flavours

Oral juices gently poured

with special foreplay favours


‘My god—you do that well’

he gasped and panted steady

‘I love kissing—can’t you tell

it helps to get me ready ….’


2 – Introducing Sex

It’s known as copulation

intended to produce

the fresh blood for a nation

started with love juice


Of course we are assumin

we’re talking of two genders

One man—the other; woman

not thinking; ‘gender-benders’


Two men together loving

rolling ‘round in bed

One taking—other shoving

they’re ‘gay’ I’ve heard it said


Two women finding passion

are also known as gay

Both enjoy their ration

of tender love this way


Sadists inflict pain

upon another person

Blow on blow they’ll rain

but pleasure they’re dispersin


Masochists enjoy

pain-inflicted pleasure

A whipping is a joy

stinging welts; a treasure


Crossdressers—known as trannies

slip into women’s fashion

They have cocks not fannies

and dressing-up’s their passion


We also have bi-sexuals

enjoying men or women

From dumb to intellectuals

getting fucked and rimmin


Each one a different type

of sexual orientation

Forget the ‘pervert’ hype …

get into exploration


3 – Cock? That Dude’ll do

I’m gorgeous I’ve been told

long hair and sparkling eyes

To men I’m rarely cold

hungry slit between my thighs


One thing I fair enjoy

is having a good fucking

My lips I will employ

if a cock needs sucking


I think I’d just left school

when carnal needs cried out

‘Fuck me with your tool’

I’d sometimes want to shout


By sixteen I had grown

maturing in most ways

A few cocks I had blown

I thought it was a phase


When I got to twenty

I figured I’d slow down

I was getting plenty

from guys all over town


Sex work when twenty-one

it took that long; it’s funny

No longer just for fun

my desire was earning money


4 – Home Maid – Part 1 

We both indulged requests

throughout our wedded years

Got worries off our chests

seldom we saw tears


I had a secret yearning

it went on for some time

A hobby which was turning

into habit quite sublime


One day my wife felt shock

to find I’d been indulging

My fingers ‘round my cock

in underwear—hers; bulging 


‘Appearing like a girl …

the look that you are after? 

Well let’s give it a whirl’

Bedroom filled with laughter


I reached out for Anne’s hand

for me, she was too quick

She gripped me by the gland

my throbbing, aching dick


Across the room we went

her wardrobe open wide

A little time she spent

throwing things aside


Lace bra and underwear

a matching set; quite nice

Stockings—yes; a pair

Anne found them in a trice


A dress with frilly hem

shoes with a four-inch heel

‘We’ll get you into them

then see how you feel’


At first I thought she’d cracked

and couldn’t take the strain

My buttocks my wife smacked

I cried out with the pain


‘Come on you naughty boy

let’s see you get dressed

And don’t start looking coy

I want to be impressed


Start off with a strip

then get dressed with haste

Your buttocks I will whip

you’ve already had a taste’


She picked up all the clothes

and handed them to me

‘Come on then—don’t suppose

I’m going to let this be’


I dressed up as she said

and stood before her cowering

She pointed to the bed

‘Now you need deflowering’


5 – Home Maid – Part 2

My wife was standing near

her clothes she was removing

She said ‘Prepare for fear

I’m in charge, as I’ll be proving’


Anne changed, and stood grinning

now all dressed in leather

By then my head was spinning

she secured me with a tether


From a drawer nearby

a belt she lifted out

Anne hefted it up high

my buttocks got a clout


‘Our sex life has diminished

over these past years

This session won’t be finished

until I see your tears’


My buttocks felt the sting

through the female clothing

I couldn’t say a thing

I’d filled my wife with loathing


‘I’ll whip your buttocks red

teaching you your place

happy when you’ve bled

with tears upon your face’


It started out that way

my transvestite reform

I next got an array

of different uniform


‘For you each household chore

but sex-play I’ll decide

I’ll fuck you like a whore

with a strap-on thrust inside


It’s you I should be thanking

for dressing like a tease

I’ll be regularly spanking

your buttocks o’er my knees


No more of you tossing

your cock off all alone

your arse I will be flossing

with G-strings that I own


I’ll dress you like a maid

and sometimes as a tart

Your buttocks will be flayed

until you feel them smart’


I thought she had gone mad

and my punishment was due

But deep down I was glad

her sex-games grew and grew


Domination; Anne enjoys

which fills me up with pride 

 Many tactics she employs

and I enjoy the ride