Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories

In this selection of tales, I’ve aimed to highlight that sexual activity isn’t always the culmination of a sensitive and romantic relationship between two or more people. On occasion, it might be a means of gratification for one or more of the participants.

As any of my regular readers will be aware, there are twelve tales in my short story collections and this one is no different—except that a couple of them are longer than usual.


1.     Quiet Night Inn – A little knowledge can sometimes be a useful thing.

2.     Home Maid – How bad can it be when a harmless pastime is discovered?

3.     A Parting Gift – Mis-placed trust can have consequences.

4.     The Agreement – What I’d give … is a wish that could come true.

5.     Assessment and Progression – When two people like what they see ….

6.    Bound to Know – A tale of sexual entanglement in the workplace.

7.    Paying the Price – Good cop, bad cop, and aggrieved cop.

8.    Family Affairs – Sometimes mummy knows best, and daddy knows nothing.

9.    Two is Company – There’s more to protection than safe-sex.

10.  The Special Offer – Sometimes hotel management are eager to please.

11.  Would I Lie – If you’re going to lie, be prepared to follow through.

12. Marianne – A new novelist wants a unique story to write—and finds one.