Coming Around


Kelly said, “Would you like a glass of wine?” The nineteen-year-old opened the fridge door without waiting for a reply. “We have some German sweet white, probably the sort of thing that would appeal to our taste buds.”

“I’d love a glass of wine.” Jackie relaxed into the large leather sofa. Jackie was twenty-two, and had been thinking about her taste buds before being offered the wine. She draped her long brunette hair over her shoulders so that it lay on her ample chest. Jackie looked down to see how much of her thighs were uncovered as she made herself comfortable and pondered the evening ahead.


When Jackie had arrived at the house a little after 7 pm, she was relieved to see that Kelly’s parents had already gone. She knew that the couple had headed off to a reunion that was going to be an all-night function.

Jackie had received a text message from Kelly just before she’d set off. It was to say that her parents would be booking into a hotel due to the distance involved. They had suggested it would be fine for Jackie to sleep over. It was a decision appreciated by both Kelly and Jackie.

Now alone together in the house, Kelly came around the sofa carrying the two wine glasses. As she handed one to her friend she openly appraised her appearance.

“Jackie, you look gorgeous in that outfit.”

“I do not—I’m overweight, and you know it, but thank you.”

“You’re overweight if you compare yourself to a catwalk model. You have a lovely face, a curvaceous figure, and great legs.” Kelly looked her friend up and down as she lounged on the sofa, smiling. “I love your body.”

“If we’re in the mood for paying compliments, I’d love to be helping you out of that little black dress.” She sometimes wished that Kelly would take her seriously when she flirted.

“Well, it’s easy enough.” Kelly laughed. “The zipper runs from top to bottom.” She ran her free hand through her long blonde hair and walked across to sit in one of the large armchairs. Kelly had an athletic figure and shapely legs, but she longed to have a body more like her best friend.

Jackie was glad that they weren’t sitting together, because she could study Kelly, and play subtle mind games. “So, is that you and Roger finished?”

We hardly got started. I only saw him twice and he wanted me to go up to his room.” Kelly looked at her wine and frowned. “That was bad enough, but his parents were still in the house and it looked like they approved.”

“What do you mean?”

“I got the impression that they were happy for me to go with their son and do my bit—become his latest conquest.”

“What did you do?”

“I told them I’d had a lovely night out, but I’d prefer coffee and a lift home.”

“How did that go down?”

“I had coffee and got a lift home.” Kelly raised her glass. “Let’s have a toast—holding onto our girlfriends.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Jackie said with sincerity and put the glass to her lips. “This is very nice, so I hope you have plenty.”

“Three bottles should do.” Kelly laughed.

Jackie uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, allowing her mini-skirt to ride high. She caught Kelly’s approving glance at her exposed thigh, so she patted the sofa beside her.

Kelly smiled and instantly got up to join her friend. As she did, she lifted the wine bottle and placed it on the large glass coffee table in front of them.

Kelly said, “We should be able to enjoy a few glasses and still be in control.”

“How long have we been friends?”

“Going on ten years I think—why?”

“In that time, I’ve never seen you lose control.”

They both giggled and finished their wine before pouring two more glasses.


It had been over a year since Jackie finished with her last boyfriend, but the subject had been exhausted a long time ago. Jackie had ended the relationship to regain control of her life. Control was now a subject treated with humour when it arose in conversation.

When clothes shopping only days before, Kelly had asked if there had been any new guy in Jackie’s life, but she had said quite simply, ‘If the right person comes along I’m sure I’ll know.’

Kelly knew that her closest friend had always been a firm believer of seizing the moment.

Yes, Jackie had been in a couple of serious relationships, but the last one left her pride wounded. That guy had given her a sense of self worth in the early days, and then his personality changed. He gradually took over her life.

Kelly remembered at the time that Jackie had said, ‘I’m giving men a rest for a while.’


Jackie enjoyed Kelly’s companionship. She finished another glass of wine, looking directly at her friend.

Kelly stared in mock horror. “Should I believe you’re licking your lips and thinking about me, or is there someone else on your mind?”

Jackie raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Would it be so bad if it were you I was thinking about—I’m always saying you look good enough to eat?”

Kelly blushed and briefly looked away. “You make me wonder sometimes, you know.”  She giggled and changed the subject. “Which DVD’s did you bring?” 

“I’ll be honest, I just grabbed a couple from my brother’s room.” Jackie lifted the two small plastic cases from her handbag. “We have, A Season of Crimson, which is about a serial killer, or When Friendship Strengthens, which is a love story?”

“I don’t know if I fancy death and mayhem.” Kelly sipped her wine. “What does it say on the love story?”

“It says, ‘Two young women are let down by their men and find comfort together,’ which sounds like a nice girlie story.”

“I like the sound of that one and it reminds me of our real-life circumstances.”

“Whatever the story is I’ll enjoy it. One of the actresses reminds me of you—”

“Give it to me.” Kelly laughed and grabbed the DVD. “Okay, it’s a total ladies night.” She stepped across the room, inserted the disc, and pressed Play. As the DVD got underway, it gave the usual warning on piracy, and then a second warning appeared.

Kelly leaned forward to pour wine.

Jackie realised that Kelly hadn’t seen the second warning. She lifted the remote and selected Play Movie. She took a deep breath and felt her cheeks burning.

The acting wasn’t of the highest standard, and as the two friends watched, they realised that it wasn’t a traditional movie—it was porn. Neither of the girls commented, preferring instead to watch and hope they could handle the embarrassment. There wasn’t much in the way of plot, and the intimacy was real—not acted.

When the friends did speak, the conversations were brief, but they continued to watch.

Jackie stole sideways glances at her friend, who looked embarrassed.

Kelly sat with her eyes wide open and sipped at her wine when Jackie topped it up.


By the end of the movie, the girls had enjoyed more than a bottle of wine apiece.

Jackie lifted the remote and switched through the excerpt summary. She selected The Intimate Moments and pressed Play. She half-turned.

“If I ask you something Kel, will you give me an honest answer?”

“Okay.” Kelly sat red-faced gazing straight at the screen. “Go ahead.”

“While watching the two girls, did you imagine yourself in those circumstances?”

Kelly’s breathing was shallow. “It’s so embarrassing.” She turned briefly. “Would you tell me what you think first?”

“I could easily imagine myself in scenes like those.” Jackie looked Kelly up and down. “It would have to be the right person.”

“You could imagine it, though?” Kelly turned to find Jackie gazing at her.

“Yes,” Jackie whispered. “My lover would be somebody I felt comfortable with, and I could trust not to tell others afterwards.” She held Kelly’s wide-eyed gaze. “Most importantly, it would have to be somebody who would want to try it with me.”

“My goodness—you have thought about it. Oh, this is embarrassing.” She turned away and then glanced back at her best friend. “I have sometimes wondered what it would be like … you know, to have a lover who knew exactly what to do.”

“I know what you mean.” Jackie tenderly and briefly placed her hand on Kelly’s thigh. “I wanted to know if it was just me who thought about stuff like that.”

Kelly glanced at the warm hand and smiled.

Jackie smiled at her friend as she took her hand away again.


By bedtime, they had shared the third bottle. Thanks to the wine, they had both shed any inhibitions they had, regarding the discussion of sex.

Jackie caught Kelly looking at her and wondered if the earlier chat was on her mind.

As she had done on several occasions before, Kelly insisted on going around the house to check windows and doors again, in the absence of her parents. She suggested they could sleep in her parent’s bedroom on the huge four-poster.

 Jackie used the en-suite bathroom first then called to say it was free. She had brought a white baby-doll which had long slits up the sides. Jackie knew the garment showed her chest and thighs to advantage too.

Kelly prepared herself for bed as her friend had done, not knowing what Jackie was wearing. Kelly wanted to look her best, and slipped into a black satin baby-doll. She looked into the full-length mirror and wasn’t happy with what she saw, but then; she never was.

“You look alright to me Kel,” Jackie purred, approaching to lean on the doorframe.

Kelly dropped the hemline she’d been holding up, and clasped her hands in front of her moderate, firm breasts. “It’s okay for you—you have a chest and thighs to die for.”

They both laughed.

Kelly was at a loss for words when she looked at her friend standing there. Jackie’s outfit had tiny red bows at the shoulders and Kelly wondered if they were simply decorative. It was the sexiest outfit Kelly had ever seen Jackie wearing—she was gorgeous.

Jackie had sometimes suggested differently, but as she was dressed now, she felt sexy. She walked back to the bed, threw back the duvet, and waited.

Kelly approached the large bed. “I’m a bit tipsy, so don’t worry if I wrap my arms around you.”

“Okay, and I’ll try to resist the temptation to kiss you.”

Kelly bit her lip. “I don’t think we should have watched that movie.”

“Get in here, and remember—I don’t expect to wake up and find you lifting my nightie to look at my chest.” She was content she’d planted enough ideas in Kelly’s mind.

“Good night, Jackie.” Kelly smiled nervously as she lay down. She trembled.

“Good night, lover.” Jackie giggled, kissed her fingertips, and touched Kelly’s lips.


They lay on their backs, staring up at the interior of the four-poster’s red drapes.

Kelly turned to lie on her right side facing away from any temptation. She hadn’t admitted to herself there would be any, but just in case. She was tipsy, and thinking about her friend’s charms. She breathed softly and evenly, pretending to be asleep.

Jackie grinned as she listened to her friend’s breathing, deciding that she was pretending to be asleep. She slowly reached up with her left hand and undid the tiny red bow on her own right shoulder.

The strain put on the strap by her ample chest pulled the material down on one side. One bow could open by accident she thought, but she wouldn’t be so obvious as to undo the other. She slowly moved the duvet down to uncover her right breast. Jackie closed her eyes, concentrated on regular breathing and lay there quiet; but alert.

After a short while, Kelly turned to lie on her back again, and being human, she glanced at her sleeping friend. As she watched Jackie’s bare right breast rise and fall in time with her breathing, Kelly tried to avert her gaze, but she couldn’t stop herself. Jackie’s nipple had her transfixed. The dark bud looked aroused. Kelly thought Jackie must be enjoying a dream.

Kelly became aroused and was coming around to the idea of indulging herself—that nipple was so inviting. Jackie was sleeping and wouldn’t notice if it were just a light, tender kiss, or touch.

As Kelly tried to get up on one elbow, the movement felt clumsy, and she stopped. She had to lie on her back again and try to control her trembling and heavy breathing. She listened to Jackie’s breathing. It sounded like she was in a deep, restful sleep.

Kelly wished she had as much confidence as her friend. She remained on her back; her head turned slightly so that she could gaze at Jackie’s amazing chest. Kelly used her left arm to ease the duvet down a little. Now she got a proper look at her friend’s body.

Jackie turned onto her right side and threw her left arm loosely over Kelly’s body so that her hand rested, fingers spread out on Kelly’s abdomen. At the same time, she made a contented murmuring noise.

“Jackie,” Kelly whispered and waited. “Jackie.” There was no response.

Kelly placed her right hand on Jackie’s left hand and her own hand trembled.

Kelly slowly and gently lifted Jackie’s hand and moved it down. With her left hand, she pulled up her short nightie, so that Jackie’s fingers rested on the few wispy curls around her pussy. She trembled with the excitement of her intentions.

Kelly moved Jackie’s fingers slowly, but gently so that they spread over her pussy. Kelly’s breathing was so heavy she could hear it herself. Jackie’s hand was warm, and this whole idea felt so wrong, but so right.

As her excitement grew, Kelly had to have an orgasm, but she wanted to use Jackie’s fingers. The other girl’s hand was resting on Kelly’s hot pussy. She trembled as she slipped her own hand over Jackie’s again. What if Jackie woke up? Oh my God, she thought, how embarrassing would that be? The alcohol intake was over-riding caution.

Jackie’s middle finger was lying along Kelly’s wet and now swollen slit. Kelly moved Jackie’s hand up and down slowly and gently. After only a few minutes, Kelly had arrived in that place where sexual gratification takes over from common sense or fair judgment.

She pressed her own middle finger on top of Jackie’s and depressed them both inside her soaking, engorged pussy. Kelly knew she was going to reach her orgasm soon, and she was panting aloud.

Jackie murmured, and lifted her left leg to place her ample thigh over Kelly’s left thigh.

For Kelly, the feeling of that gorgeous, warm inner thigh on hers increased her arousal dramatically. Her breathing became erratic and her long hair fell over her eyes as she raised her head to glance down. She instinctively used her right hand to move her hair aside.

As she slipped her hand back down her body to guide Jackie’s fingers, the steady and gentle rubbing had started again—without assistance. A mild panic overtook Kelly and she turned to look at Jackie.

“Kiss me, Kel,” Jackie whispered. As she spoke she moved her left leg further over so that her hot pussy pressed against Kelly’s thigh. At the same time, Jackie buried two fingers deep in Kelly’s throbbing, soaking pussy. Jackie’s fingers moved as only a woman would know.

For an agonising few seconds, Kelly gazed into Jackie’s eyes. Kelly got up on her left arm. She bent her right leg outward, to give Jackie’s fingers and her thigh more access, and then she leant forward and brushed her lips on Jackie’s.

Jackie concentrated on the movement of her skilled fingers, teasing and rubbing Kelly’s clit as they started to kiss.

Kelly responded by probing her pink tongue deep into Jackie’s waiting mouth. Their tongues danced in a passionate kiss. Kelly’s body began to tremble again, a little at first and then violently. The inner warmth of an orgasm was approaching.

Jackie used her fingers gently and maintained the motion, teasing Kelly’s clit.

Kelly moaned through the passionate kiss and drove her tongue deep into Jackie’s receptive warm mouth. She moved her right hand onto Jackie’s shoulder, and her excited fingertips moved across the bare flesh to reach one of Jackie’s glorious breasts. She felt the warmth and shape under her fingers and caressed it tenderly as she let her fingertips play and tease the nipple.

The nipple was erect and firm which gave Kelly a deeper desire. She stopped the kiss and leant down to kiss and suck on the sensitive dark bud. As Kelly felt the orgasm mount within her, she could hardly control herself and raised her right leg to kick away the duvet, exposing herself more to watch Jackie’s fingers at work.

Kelly enjoyed the sight and feeling of the thigh over hers and Jackie’s fingers working their magic. Kelly’s hips bucked uncontrollably under the tender and sensitive touch.

“Oh my God—” Kelly cried. “Oh Jackie … yesss.” Kelly lay on her back after the initial rush and felt the nimble fingers stroke her gently and softly. When Jackie got up on one arm Kelly acknowledged that things were going further.

Jackie’s face was warm, and she brought her lips down to give Kelly a passionate kiss while bringing her to another orgasm with her firm, but tender touch. Jackie stopped the kiss and gazed down on Kelly’s angelic face. Her big brown eyes looked up, and her lips parted.

“In a moment,” Jackie whispered, “I’m going to tip the velvet.

The phrase used in the movie was still registering with Kelly as Jackie lowered her head to kiss her again very softly on the lips.

As they kissed, Jackie brought her hands up to Kelly’s sides to support herself. She got up on her knees and lifted her left leg over Kelly’s body to straddle her.

Jackie lowered herself and rubbed her own soaking pussy on her friend’s body. Jackie got up briefly, reached up and pulled off her baby-doll. When she had removed her own flimsy nightwear, she reached down and helped Kelly remove hers.

Leaning forward, Jackie kissed Kelly’s ears, probing a little with her tongue and then she moved to her neck. She listened as Kelly moaned softly and she brought her fingers up to massage Kelly’s breasts and nipples.

“Oh yes,” Kelly gasped.

Jackie moved herself back so that her kisses were on Kelly’s neck and shoulders. She continued downwards, to suck on her erect nipples. Jackie bit gently and rolled her tongue over the warm flesh, bringing more squeals of delight from Kelly. By the time Jackie started exploring Kelly’s torso with her tongue and lips, her friend had totally surrendered.

Kelly couldn’t stop herself. She placed her hands on Jackie’s head and entwined her fingers in her lustrous hair. She pushed Jackie gently but forcefully down her body. She heard herself moan, but didn’t care, she wanted this more than anything.

Jackie moved down further so that her lips were brushing Kelly’s pussy, which was now thrusting up to meet her. When Jackie’s tongue started to lick the hot and wet flesh, Kelly held her thighs wide, inviting; pleading for attention.

Jackie used her fingers to hold Kelly’s pussy open. She inhaled the intimate, warm scent and kissed the hot, swollen, sensitive petals. As she heard Kelly squeal, she probed deeper with her tongue.

Kelly shuddered and moaned, as Jackie’s tongue lapped and teased at the welcoming flesh. Kelly moaned softly as she felt her juices being taken so gently, but eagerly.

Jackie felt Kelly’s fingers dig into her hair and push her face into the wetness. Kelly lifted her thighs and wrapped them around Jackie’s burrowing head.

“Yes … yes … yessss ….” Kelly’s entire body shook as never before with multiple orgasms.

Jackie moved when she could and worked her way up the still trembling body of her friend, and now, lover. When she reached her flushed, hot face, she bent down and kissed Kelly softly on the lips.

Kelly held Jackie’s face with both hands and stopped the kiss. “Let me try … to please you … Jackie.”

Jackie was aware of her own large breasts hanging naturally, barely touching Kelly. As they kissed again briefly, Jackie gently rubbed her nipples on Kelly’s and ground her pussy into Kelly. She was getting more aroused by the minute.

Jackie moved her body up and lowered her impressive chest down towards Kelly’s waiting lips. The grateful and satiated girl lying on her back took the erect nipples in turn, sucking and kissing them eagerly. Once Kelly started to perform on Jackie’s nipples and breasts Jackie moved back a little. Kelly followed her by inching down the bed away from the headboard.

Kelly continued to suck, lick, and kiss as much of Jackie’s breasts as she could. She was enjoying giving pleasure. Kelly held one breast in both hands and sucked hard on the nipple, then repeated the action with the other.

Jackie stayed on her knees, moved her hands to either side of Kelly’s head and remained on all fours over her, allowing Kelly to continue performing on her breasts. Jackie moved her hands up onto the headboard. She moved forward on her knees so that her pussy was over Kelly’s face.

Eat me Kel,” Jackie whispered. “Nibble me, suck me, swallow me.”

Kelly took Jackie’s sweet flesh in her mouth, sucked, and nibbled. She enjoyed performing on the body above her and enjoyed the response. Kelly reached up with her mouth as Jackie opened her thighs wide and lowered herself.

“Now Kel kiss me deep.” Jackie’s voice was hoarse with desire. She lowered herself further, and there was pleasure for both of them as her love juices dripped onto Kelly’s waiting lips and tongue.

Jackie gyrated as Kelly kissed her pussy and drove her tongue deep. Jackie could feel the sensations build up inside her. She had been so aroused by being able to perform on Kelly that she was already at an advanced stage.

Jackie was panting and looked down when she felt Kelly’s fingers exploring her body and stroking her thighs. Jackie watched as Kelly’s hands moved along her thighs and around to her buttocks.

Kelly began to squeeze and dig her nails into the soft flesh of Jackie’s firm buttocks, pulling her forward and moving her fingertips move ever further around.

Jackie pushed herself lower and moaned with pleasure.

Kelly kept her mouth in place and continued after Jackie had her first orgasm. She knew how good it felt. She swallowed and sucked at Jackie’s clit.

Jackie screamed, “Yes … yes … yesss.”

Kelly continued to pull the soft, but firm buttocks wide apart and pressed a fingertip against her lover’s rosebud. The reaction was instantaneous, as Jackie hips bucked and she pressed harder.

“Yes Kel … please.”

Kelly applied a little pressure and kept her fingertip at the tight opening.

Jackie reached down and lifted Kelly’s head up as her own desires reached fever pitch. Like Kelly, she too had multiple orgasms, and when the sequence took hold of her body, she trembled violently, just as Kelly had.

Kelly eased off, but didn’t stop. Those wonderful thighs were wrapped around her face and squeezing.

Both girls were in heaven as Jackie continued to gush, thrusting down again, feeding her lover’s hunger and her own desire.


Five minutes of silence passed afterward, and the girls lay on their backs looking at the inside of the four-poster bed, holding hands. Both were still trembling, and their breathing still wasn’t slowed to normal.

“Jackie, was that your first time … with a girl?” Kelly’s voice was a whisper.

“Yes, but I don’t want it to be the last.”

“How can we possibly go beyond those sensations?”

“Think of a number between sixty-eight, and seventy .…”

Kelly giggled and squeezed Jackie’s hand.

They turned, embraced, and started kissing passionately once again.


A tale from Coming Around: and other erotic stories