The Agreement


Every day I started work I’d see Verity and ask myself the same rhetorical question. “What would I give to get access to that incredible body?”

I worked in the administration department of the police station, and Verity would stride past on her high heels every day and smile at me. I was twenty years old and pleased she said good morning. The woman was in her early forties, tall, curvaceous and blonde—she oozed sex appeal.

We rarely did more than greet each other in passing, but my fantasies all featured Verity. Many times I’d be sitting at my computer terminal with a hard-on as I watched her standing in the central office chatting with senior officers.

As a personal assistant to the Chief Constable, Verity was working for the top man.

In comparison, I was a nothing—the guy who made sure the IT systems were working. The day she knocked on my glass door and entered my office, my life changed.

“Excuse me—it’s Charlie, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Please, call me Verity.” She bit her lip and placed a slender hand on my shoulder.

I’d have a wet patch in my boxers. “Verity,” I tasted the name on my tongue and imagined it was her I could taste. I usually only said her name in my bedroom. “Anything,” I said, wistfully.

“I haven’t asked for a favour, yet.” She giggled, which for a woman her age was sexy. “What was the anything all about?”

“What I meant—” My voice quivered under her gaze. “If I can do you a favour, the anything still stands.”

Verity looked out at the central office as she quietly closed my door. “Do I make you nervous, Charlie?”

I swallowed hard as she leant down close enough for me to smell her perfume and taste her sweet breath. I looked at the unsuspecting guys outside my office, going about their tasks. If this was a chance, to be honest, should I take it, or bluff?

“Actually, I—” Saliva had deserted my mouth—probably headed to join my other bodily fluids heading south.

“Oh my goodness. I do make you nervous. Charlie, are you blushing?”

I swallowed again, but so loud I thought I heard the noise echo in the small room. “A little. You make me a little nervous, ma’am—Verity.”

“I like the way you say my name. How long have you been working here?”

“Six months.”

“I’ve caught you a few times you know.”

“Caught me?” My eyes opened wider, and my beaming face went from warm to hot. “What have I done?”

“I’ve caught you staring at me.” She arched an eyebrow, and her lips curled into a smile.

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t dare apologise, and don’t stop staring. It’s nice that a young man thinks I look alright.”

“You’re not alright, Verity. You’re gorgeous. If only—”

“If only, eh? Go on, don’t tease?” She gazed into my eyes with an expression like a cross between a sexy school teacher and a leather-clad woman about to discipline me.

“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.” I tried to laugh, but it got strangled in my throat. “It’s too embarrassing.”

“I suppose I’d better ask my favour and leave you to get on with your work.”

“What can I do for you?”

“It’s not actually a work thing—it’s personal. My computer at home is playing up, and my husband isn’t good at that sort of thing.” She sighed. “I wondered if you’d come and have a look for me. I’d be happy to pay you. I don’t want to call out the maintenance people.”

“I could come around any evening, but I wouldn’t accept money from you.” I stopped burbling. “How is your husband doing?”

“He’s doing okay. At least he can get around the house now, but he’s having counselling about going outside.”

“I used to envy Detective Sergeant Harrison because he was the great-looking cop with the beautiful wife, but after he tackled those armed guys alone, he became a hero to me as well.”

“You’re sweet, Charlie.” She looked across at my sandwich box and thermos. “Are you going out to sit in the ornamental gardens at lunchtime?”

“Yes. I do most days if it’s pleasant.”

“I’ll watch for you going out today. I’ll bring a sandwich and a coffee so it will look like a chance meeting. What time do you go?”

“Usually about half past one.”

She winked at me. “I’ll be out there five minutes after you.” Verity touched my arm again and left me, sitting there, face beaming, breath short, and cock throbbing.


I was sitting on a bench in the extensive gardens not far from the station. I’d eaten a sandwich, and I was slurping coffee when I saw her enter the park. It was a good thing I’d just topped up my drink from my thermos because when I saw Verity, my hand started shaking. God, she was gorgeous.

She strolled through the park in her light summer dress, her long blonde hair lifting in the breeze. As she strode along, I didn’t know which part of her to look at, from her beautiful face and hair to her beautiful breasts and long, shapely legs. I was getting aroused.

“Hello, Charlie.” Verity covered the final few steps to the wooden bench. “I’m pleased to see you haven’t got a couple of girls hanging around you.”

“I should be so lucky.” I laughed.

“You’re a young guy, and nice-looking. If I may say so, judging from your build, you’ve got a nice physique too.”

“Now, you’re embarrassing me.” I felt my face flush when she sat close.

“Don’t be silly. What do you do to keep yourself in shape?”

“I swim, run, cycle and use weights at home.”

“Good heavens, no wonder you fill out your clothes so well.” She looked me up and down and nodded. “How old are you?”

“I turned twenty … last month.”

“Well, apart from the age difference, I’m jealous of your girlfriend. What age is she?”

“I … I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, how thoughtless of me.” She bit her lip. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I don’t have anybody special in my life. I live at home with my parents and a dog. Apart from keeping fit, I read books, and write computer programmes.”

“It sounds like you’d have a hard time squeezing a romance in amongst everything else.” She nudged me and winked. “I suppose that brings us back to my problem. Now, I know you said earlier that you could come around any evening, but would the weekend be okay?”

“The weekend would be fine.”

“I called Terry this morning, you know, my husband. He suggested you coming around for Sunday dinner, and we could at least repay you in some way.”

“There’s no need—”

“Hey, you let me decide what there’s a need for, my friend.”

As she sipped her coffee and unwrapped a sandwich, I took the opportunity to look closely at her. She’d crossed her legs, and my gaze was drawn to her thighs—her bloody amazing thighs.

“I could pull the hem up a little if it would help.” She was looking to her front; smiling.

“God, I’m sorry. You’ll think I’m a bloody pervert.” I stared straight ahead as I sipped my coffee. Oh well, the genie was out of the bottle—she had it confirmed. I was infatuated.

“Charlie, do you think about me?” She half-turned to me. “I mean when you’re not at work?”

“Yes.” I turned to stare at her face. As if I’d been given permission, I let her see my gaze fall to her beckoning cleavage and back to the expanse of thigh which showed since she’d crossed her legs. I wanted her to know and continued to slowly take in the sight of this living dream.

“Charlie,” she breathed. “In the office earlier you said, ‘if only …’. What did you mean?”

I looked at her thighs and murmured. “I was going to say if only fantasies could become a reality.”

“Do you often have fantasies?”

“Yes … every day … and night.” I met her gaze and she stopped smiling.

“Do I ever appear in your fantasies?” She looked deep into my eyes and my cock throbbed.

“You appear in all of them.”

“Oh, Charlie, you are so sweet. Would you tell me what happens?”

“I dream of being able to touch you, and do things with you, and I reach under the sheets—”

“I meant in the fantasies, but it sounds like they must be pretty exciting.” Verity sipped her coffee before turning to look me in the eye again.

“I dream that I’m your sex-slave.” There—I’d told her. It was no longer a secret.

“Oh, my God.” Her beautiful eyes were wide and sparkling. “Does that mean that in your dreams you’ll do anything I ask?”

“Yes. Sometimes you ask nicely, but I always take it as a command.”

“I’m pleased to be hearing this, but don’t worry—it will be our secret.” She leant toward me and winked. “Why do you think you have these dreams?”

“I suppose they’re more like wishful thinking—” I closed my eyes briefly. I’d gone too far.

“You know, Charlie, for a while, I thought you were playing me along, but you’re serious?”

I nodded. “Mmm. I’m sorry. I don’t care about me, but this is embarrassing for you.” I sipped my coffee to occupy my mouth.

“How long is it since you had a girlfriend?”

Shit. It was the question I’d dreaded. I couldn’t bluff. “I’ve … never … had—”

Verity gazed at me from under long, dark, curling lashes. “Charlie. I don’t believe you’ve never had … wait, are you telling me you’ve never—”

“I’m a virgin. Please, don’t tell anybody.”

“Another special secret.” She placed a slender hand on my thigh and applied slight pressure.

I sighed, trying to memorise the sensation.

“I’m sorry, Charlie, did I hurt—” She looked closely at me and shrugged a little. “You really do have the hots for me, don’t you?”

“Yes, and I know you’re too nice to ask, but yes, right now I’m aroused.”

“Oh, you darling young man.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes, and it was broken by Verity’s phone ringing.

“Yes, Peter,” she said, nodding. “Okay, I’m in the gardens, so I can be right back. I’ll see you shortly.” She put her phone away and turned to me. “How is one o’clock, Sunday, Charlie?”

“You still want me to come and look at your computer?”

“Yes, I want you to come, and look at my computer.”

Now she was teasing. “Okay, one o’clock, Sunday.”

“Hey, don’t forget—we’ll be feeding you too.” She winked and left me.

I watched her walk across the park. Looking at her from behind was just as sexy as the front.



“Come in, Charlie.” Verity leant forward and kissed me on both cheeks before ushering me into the house. My heartthrob wouldn’t have looked out of place in a glossy magazine.

I paused inside the doorway and stared at her, beyond embarrassment.

Her blonde hair was draped down her back, and she was wearing gold, dangling earrings. Verity’s dress had a slit at the front allowing a glimpse of her cleavage. It was a figure-hugging garment, and the hem stopped halfway on her thighs.

“Are you okay, Charlie?” She smiled.

“Mmm.” I nodded absently as my gaze reached her feet. She was wearing heels although indoors. Verity looked amazing. “You’re … beautiful.”

“Thank you, and you shouldn’t have gone to the bother of smart clothes for this visit.” She nodded. “Of course, you’d want to be presentable, I know.”

“This is a lovely house.” I’d hardly seen it, but it was spacious and bright, and all the decor and furnishings were modern. It looked like a showroom.

“Give me your jacket and go on through to the conservatory. We’ve got a jug of chilled juice out there.”

“Hi, Charlie.” Verity’s husband stood to shake my hand. “Before you start, please call me Terry.”

“Hi … Terry. It’s great to see you looking good again.” In the appearance department, Terry was the male equivalent of his wife.

“I know most people haven’t seen me out and about for a couple of months, but I’ll get there.” Terry poured me a glass of chilled juice. “Sit down young man, and don’t make the place look untidy.” He laughed.

“Thank you.” I accepted the drink and sat on a big comfy wicker chair.

For a while, I answered his questions about a few things at work that his wife hadn’t told him. I was able to explain about updates on the procedural systems that he’d be likely to use often. I asked him about his recovery, and he explained that physically, he felt fine, but he had visits from a counsellor to deal with a few ‘psychological issues’ as he called them.

Verity joined us for a few minutes and told me that we’d have lunch before I was set free to check her computer problems. I watched her walk back through into the living room.

“I love to see other men ogling Verity,” Terry said. “It makes me feel good inside.”

“I’m sorry,” I gasped. “I couldn’t help myself. I think your wife is beautiful.”

“I’m pleased you think so because she might have another favour to ask.”

I inclined my head expecting more information.

“I’ll let her explain.” He smiled and sipped his juice.

For a short while, Terry talked about some of his psychological issues. He said he was in a state of turmoil. One of the effects of his recovery was a lack of libido. I couldn’t imagine looking at Verity and not feeling something. It would be my idea of a nightmare. This was a strange thing for Terry to tell me, but it occurred that he didn’t like to talk to his counsellor about such a problem.

The three of us sat down to a lovely meal together in the well-appointed dining room and then relaxed for a while in the lounge, which was luxurious, to say the least. Massive furniture and a deep-pile rug drew the eye and the other furniture and wall decor were tasteful and minimal.

Verity stood. “Would you like a beer, or wine, or something else, Charlie?”

“I sometimes have brandy and coke, but not often. I’ll try a glass of wine, please.”

“The white wine we’ve got is quite sweet, so you’ll like it, and it will suit you.” She winked.

We chatted for a while, and I accepted another couple of glasses of wine, which was good. I’d never been a wine drinker, but it was a pleasant taste, and I was feeling relaxed.

“It might be me,” I said, “but the wine is making me feel a bit warm.”

“Right, Terry, if you’ll excuse us for a moment, I’ll show Charlie the problem on my PC before we get the poor guy drunk.” She turned to me and smiled. “Come on you, and I’ll explain what I need.”

We took our drinks through the house to a study which was as big as my bedroom. There were bookshelves against one wall and the desk with the computer against another. Behind the computer chair and off to one side was an armchair.

“I like your layout in here.” I looked around. “I suppose the soft armchair is where you can de-stress yourself, or relax with a good book?”

“I do use it to sit and read sometimes, but in more recent times it’s served to help when I’m relaxing and relieving tension.” She sighed. “Okay, I’ve switched on and used my password so you can see anything I would see on there.”

“What are the problems you’re having?”

“Mainly, it goes really slow, and I’ve been told to get rid of updates and old programmes and suchlike, but I get lost with the terminology and what I need to keep.”

“Okay, I can fix those things easily. I’ll change a few settings and make some notes for you. Was there anything else?”

“It may sound trivial, but I’d like to know how to get rid of some of the internet sites I’ve been visiting.”

“That’s easy. All we have to do is change the settings for your browsing history.”

“Does that mean you have to look at the sites I’ve used?”

“Well, it would be easier, if that’s okay with you?”

“Could we leave that until you’ve done the other things?”

“Yes, of course. I’ll get started.”

“I’ll sit over here to watch, or I’ll be distracting you.”

“If you’re the distraction, Verity, I really don’t mind.”

“The wine may be making you feel warm, Charlie—but your compliments make me warm inside.”

“They’re all sincere.” I half-turned to smile at her as she relaxed in her armchair.

I used a notepad, listed the initial issues and worked through them. I could hear Verity moving around in her chair behind me, but I didn’t turn around for fear of not getting the job done. I sipped the wine and completed the final settings.

I lifted the wine glass and finished the pleasant drink before starting the browsing history.

When I brought up the list of websites, I couldn’t work out which occurred first—my eyes popping wide open, or my jaw dropping. Out of twelve links, six of them were porn sites, and I recognised a couple of them. I felt my face warming, and I was afraid to turn around.

“Before you get rid of those, Charlie, would you go to the third one down, please?”

I selected the third link and clicked. I stared at the stills from a dozen videos, and I was sure my underwear was about to tear due to the pressure within. I swallowed hard and heard myself panting.

“Play the third scene along, Charlie.”

I placed the cursor on the white triangle and clicked. When the screen burst into life, there were two men and a buxom blonde, and though it wasn’t Verity, she looked similar. The woman was lounging in an armchair. One man was standing a few feet away, masturbating as he watched the woman being pleasured by a second man who was kneeling in front of the blonde. The man on his knees was gorging himself on her swollen, dripping pussy.

“Charlie.” Verity gasped. I realised she was panting—like me. “Turn around.”

I turned around and closed my eyes. “Verity. Why are you teasing me like this?”

“I’m not teasing, darling—this is to explain the second favour I’d like. Open your eyes and stop pretending you don’t want to look.”

I opened my eyes and feasted them on the partially naked beauty of Verity. She was wearing a purple lace bra, matching panties, black stilettos, and a smile.

“Your husband is only through there.” I panicked. “He won’t listen if I apologise—”

“The only reason you’ll be apologising is if you haven’t satisfied me, Charlie.” She slipped her right hand down inside her underwear, and I saw the bulge of her fingers working up and down. “Terry hasn’t had a hard-on for months. We’ve tried all sorts of things, including sex toys, and watching porn together. Nothing works.”

“How will it help if he comes in here and finds me with you—like this?”

“If he comes in and we’re like this it won’t help at all. However, if you were to take off your clothes and get down on your knees in front of me, it might help.”


“The video you’ve just been playing is Terry’s favourite.” Verity kicked off her shoes, slipped her hand out from her panties and used both hands to push them down to her ankles and then she kicked them off. She sat up and unclipped her bra, which joined her other clothes.

I was aware of my heavy breathing, and conscious of my aching cock. “Please … Verity.”

“Don’t you want some of this, Charlie.” She parted her legs, reached down and inserted three fingers into her pussy. She probed herself and then lifted the fingers to her lips to lick them. “It’s all yours, and all you have to do is take off your clothes and pleasure me.”

“Okay, I’ve dreamt about this, but—”

“Charlie, come over here—now.

I stood and took two paces to stand in front of the woman I’d worshipped from afar for months.

“Good. Now, get down on your knees between my legs and place your hands on my thighs.”

I dropped to my knees, and as I half-turned to look back towards the living room, a hand held my jaw and turned me around. I was speechless, frightened, excited and hornier than I could remember.

Verity leant forward, took my face in both of her slender hands and kissed me full on the lips. I was delirious, and then I felt her tongue parting my lips and driving deep into my mouth. My hands slithered up the fantastic, curvy body to land on the magnificent breasts, and my fingertips played nervously with the erect nipples. The kiss stopped, and my eyes popped open.

“Now, try to relax.” Verity reached out and undid the buttons of my shirt. She kissed me and paused while she pulled the shirt over my shoulders and threw it to join her underwear. “Stand up and kick off your shoes.”

I stood and kicked off my shoes, and within a few seconds, Verity was undoing my trousers and dropping them to my ankles. I lifted my feet, and my socks went next. I was embarrassed because I was aware that my cock was sticking to my boxers.

Verity looked at my bright red face and then the damp patch on my underwear. She smiled and took hold of the waistband before tugging the sticky garment down.

“A circumcised cock—how lovely … and the head is all covered in pre-cum. Look, Charlie.”

I looked down my naked, trembling body to see the tip of my glistening cock, gently bobbing up and down of its own accord.

Verity leant forward and used the tip of her tongue to lick me. She kissed the tip of my cock, and then parted her lips and took the head into her mouth. When I felt the heat of her mouth, and she sucked I almost fainted. She stopped and looked up at me.

“Now, Charlie. I could suck you off, and you’ll last about five seconds, or you could slip your cock into my pussy, and you’ll last about five seconds. What I’d like you to do is bring yourself off while I watch. I want you to prove how much I turn you on.”

“You mean, stand right here in front of you, and—”

“Yes, I want you to know I’m watching as you’re thrashing your cock.”

“This is all so unreal. I don’t know—”

“Come on, I want to see your embarrassment, Charlie.” She fell back into her armchair and slid her buttocks forward. “Take hold of your cock and jerk yourself off.”

“Would you rub your pussy while I do it—please?”

“Maybe, if your embarrassment and performance turn me on.”

I gazed down at the stunning woman lounging in front of me, and as I did, she parted her legs, and I stared at her swollen, glistening pussy lips. I gripped my aching cock and started working my hand up and down slowly at first.

“Oh, and one other thing—you have to clean up any mess, okay?”

“Yes.” I gasped, and my arm moved faster when I saw Verity’s fingers caressing her nipples and then running slowly down her body. A shapely leg was extended to me, and I held the ankle.

“Suck my toes … and tease them with your tongue.”

I held her ankle and sucked her toes one at a time. The toenails were painted red like her fingernails. As I sucked, I looked at Verity’s smiling face, and she nodded to her hand. Her fingers were caressing her wet pussy and disappearing inside her.

Inside two minutes I was ready to shoot my load. I was breathing heavily, and my arm was pumping like crazy.

Verity was watching me closely as she slipped further forward on the armchair. Her right foot was held at my lips, as I sucked on her toes. She draped her left leg over the arm of the chair, and it opened her pussy like a welcoming pink coated cavern.

“I’m ready … I’m coming.” I stared at her pussy wishing my cock was inside.

“Lean forward, Charlie—come over me. Come on my pussy … and spurt over that little hole below my pussy. I want to feel your juices drip onto my tight rosebud. Come over me, Charlie.”

I threw my left arm out to grip the chair, and my right arm went into a frenzy. I gasped and panted and shot my load all over Verity’s smooth-shaved pussy and rectum. I kept going after I thought I’d finished. I stared down at Verity’s fingers as she wiped the cum from her pussy and rubbed it in and around her puckered pink hole. The entire area was covered in my juices.

“Good, Charlie. Now, be a darling—get on your knees and clean me.”

“Have you got tissues?”

“No tissues my virgin lover—use your sweet tongue.”

“My tongue?” I glanced down at the sticky mess dripping over her rosebud.

“Charlie, lick my arse clean, and do it now.”

I leant forward. After a weak attempt at touching my cum and the anal area with my tongue, I felt a hand on the back of my head. I glanced up and saw that both of Verity’s hands were teasing her erect nipples.

“Go on.” Terry was behind me, and I felt the pressure of the strong hand behind my head. “Lick up the juice and swallow. Force your tongue inside in case any dripped in there.”

I licked and sucked and swallowed. I teased the area with the tip of my tongue and then probed gently before driving my tongue deep inside. I caught the aroma of a sweet shower gel.

Verity was panting, but when I tongued her hole, she squealed with pleasure. “Oh, Charlie, you can do that again later.” She panted several times. “Now, lick my pussy, sweet thing. I’m all hot and ready for you.”

I moved up and kissed and licked the soaking petals of flesh, gorging myself on pussy for the first time in my life, and not sure if I was doing it correctly.

“Drive your tongue deep inside and curl it up … oh, yes, that’s good.” Verity panted heavily.

“It’s working,” Terry gasped behind me. “God, it’s working, Verity—look.”

The hand had been removed from behind my head, but I continued to feast on the succulent hot flesh of Verity’s pussy.

Verity grabbed my head in both of her hands and pulled me forward firmly against her engorged pussy lips. At first, her thighs trembled, and then her entire body. She panted and gasped, and as my mouth was forced forward, I tasted her honey. I gulped and swallowed for all I was worth until she let me go.

“Well done … Charlie.” Verity gasped. “Look behind you at what we’ve done.”

I half-turned to see a cock that was twice as thick as mine and about one and half times the length. Slowly massaging it with one hand was a grinning Terry.

“Do you like the taste of Verity’s pussy, Charlie?” Terry was grinning.

“Yes.” I ran my tongue along my lips.

“Good.” Terry nodded slowly. “Now you can join us in the bedroom. Come on.”

All three of us went into the main bedroom. I was told to climb onto the bed and keel beside Verity who was lying on her back.

Terry knelt between her gorgeous legs and lowered himself to plunge his big hard cock inside her. As he fucked her, he leant over, and they kissed while I knelt beside them watching. Terry’s hips jerked back and forward, and he gasped and moaned with pleasure.

I found myself staring and moving closer to where the big glistening cock was plunging into the tender flesh of Verity’s pussy. I could see, smell and almost taste what was going on. I watched as Terry fucked the soaking, sweet pussy for at least five minutes.

“I’m coming, Verity,” Terry cried out. “Oh, thank God, I’m coming.”

“Get … close … Charlie.” Verity was panting heavily.

I moved forward to watch the final moments up close.

Verity gripped my hair with one hand, pulling me down as she was pumped harder and harder.

“Yess … oh, God … yesss.” Terry had come, but he continued to thrust himself deep into Verity.

She moaned softly as she enjoyed her orgasm and urged Terry to empty himself inside her.

I watched as Terry’s big cock slipped out, glistening and dripping with their combined juices.

“Me … first.” Terry gasped and turned to me.

“Take it in your mouth, Charlie,” Verity said. “Suck it clean.”

I’d held back when it was my own juices, but this was somebody else’s cock, and it was big. A firm hand reached out and Terry half-turned. The head of the softening big wet cock touched my lips.

“Suck it for me,” Verity said sweetly. “When you’re all stiff I’ll suck yours.”

My lips parted and my mouth filled with the hot, wet flesh of Terry’s cock. I sucked, licked and swallowed until I was released, and it was only then, I felt the throbbing of my hard-on.

Terry whispered in my ear. “That was good, Charlie. Now squat over Verity’s body and fuck her mouth.”

I looked at Verity’s beautiful smiling face, and then I turned to Terry.

He nodded. “Really … go on, fuck her gorgeous mouth.”

Verity held her arms out to me.

I lifted a leg over her incredible body and moved forward on my hands and knees.

Verity took my throbbing cock in her mouth.

I held her face in both hands and fucked her mouth slowly for a short while. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. My first blow-job, and it was being done by Verity.

Terry held my waist from behind to stop me moving. He whispered. “Now, get down between her legs and fill her pussy.”

I obeyed as quickly as I could. When the tip of my cock touched the object of my fantasies, I almost shot my load. It was soaking wet but hot. I slipped into her quickly and supported my weight on my forearms. My instinct was to pump her rapidly.

“Slow down, sweetie.” Verity gasped. “Take your time … and enjoy the feeling.”

“I’m trying—” I had no control over my cock.

“Kiss me, Charlie.”

I was sure I was about to wake up in my own bed, alone—and covered in cum. I leant forward, and when our lips met, I felt Verity’s strong, wet tongue explore my mouth. My body was going into overdrive. I sent my eager tongue on a mission, and the world was a place of wonder.

Verity stopped the kiss and smiled. “Suck one of my nipples … very gently.”

I leant forward to kiss, lick and suck on an erect nipple. Within a few seconds, I became aware of Terry next to me, sucking on Verity’s other nipple.

I couldn’t stop myself thrusting into my goddess, and I could feel Verity’s pussy squeezing me inside as if she could suck the juices out of me. How long could I last?

Verity panted. “Would you … like to come … back next weekend … Charlie?”

“Yes … please … and I’ll do … whatever I’m told.”

Verity took my face and kissed me passionately. As she drove her tongue into my mouth, the sensation took me over the top, and I gave my last few seconds of effort. I shot my load deep inside her. When I finished, I forced my cock in as far as it would go and kept it there, emptying myself as my body shuddered with the pleasure.

We were still kissing, and I had a mouthful of Verity’s tongue when I felt something wet touch my ear. At the same time, I felt a big hand sliding down and cupping one of my buttocks and then the other. I felt my buttocks being parted, and a steady finger slipped down my crack and probed.

Terry licked my ear with the tip of his tongue. He whispered. “Well done, Charlie. Now get down there and lick out my cum and yours from Verity’s pussy.”

Verity nodded slowly at me as she reached down and used the fingertips of both hands to hold her dripping pussy open for me. “I want your tongue in as far as you can go.”

I remained on my knees, moved back down the bed, and bent forward. When my tongue reached out, and I was preparing to do as I was told I felt my buttocks being kissed and nibbled. At the same time, a firm finger squeezed up my crack once again and teased my anus.

“Next weekend,” Terry said. “We’ll introduce you to the pleasures of anal.”

Verity’s hands moved up to pull my mouth firmly into her dripping pussy.

What would I give? I’d asked myself the question so often in my fantasies.

I had my answer as I pressed my lips against Verity’s pussy, and fed on all she had to offer.


A tale from Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories