Highland Games – Series

highlands-june-09-rest-12Apart from the location, there is no connection between ‘the games’ in the stories, and the games usually associated with the Scottish Highlands.

If the idea of my novella series appeals to enough readers there will be more. I plan at the present time to evaluate the  five stories based on feedback/reviews.

Each book introduces new characters, but cameo roles are played by characters featured in other stories from the series.


Central to the idea is the Highland Haven Hotel which is in a remote location, not surprisingly – in the Scottish Highlands.

Is it wham, bam, thank you ma’am?

No, it isn’t, because although the predominant activity is sexual, the characters will have a background, a voice, and as might be expected, particular preferences.

Sexual orientation, desires and how they are satisfied are as varied as snowflakes.

Each book has a cohesive story to carry the journey of a main character and at least one support character.

These books are not among the longest, or most complicated I’ve written, however the most ambitious aspect for me has been to inter-relate the characters of the individual tales, and the dates.

I’ve found a lot of badly written work in this category. It was after reading a famous, modern story I was inspired to write the genre myself. The series of books which brought erotica to the fore in recent years is in my humble opinion neither believable, nor properly researched. I applaud the author for making a fortune – selling stories which are inaccurate in certain detail.

How does my version of erotica compare?

It’s not for me to say, however I have more than one title out there now, and they carry positive reviews. Enough said.

As always, I appreciate any feedback.