Sharing … an idea

If there is one thing I enjoy about creative writing, it is developing a story from the germ of an idea. There may be a conversation, a situation, an object of interest or some other means of opening the tale, but from there it can go in any direction—or several directions.

When writing a thriller or romance, novel or short story, a certain portion of the author’s persona is introduced, be it fractional or substantial. This may not be intentional, but it happens, and I believe this is even truer in erotica. Writing about sexual activities is far away from experiencing them, but if you are a writer it adds pleasure to the task if you imagine being involved in the tale.

In my next erotic novel, Sharing, the central character, Ron uses his vivid imagination in his work, and he’s successful enough to have regular clients. Candice is his stunning wife, and she too is successful in her profession, which takes her away from home occasionally. Ron’s one close friend outside of the marriage is Alan, and their friendship goes away back.

Other characters are introduced as the story develops, but there are ups and downs, as you would expect from any tale, but they are described with more intimacy and in more of a physical sense when it’s erotica—if it’s mine.

What can the reader expect to find in this story?

I’d hate to spoil the surprises in store, so I’ll just say there is a healthy mix of activity, and there is a lot more shared than simply ideas of the next position to use in bed.

Sharing has many connotations, but I like to think that authors are doing that very thing when they publish their work. Apart from stories, sharing can be an idea, an object, accommodation, wealth, a relationship, a friendship and more besides. It is from this premise that my story, Sharing was born, and as you’ll see if you read it—sharing can be used for pleasure, and taken to extremes.

My target publication date is 1st December. This will see the climax of many months of effort … and of course pleasure in taking the characters from their embryonic state to fully functioning participants in my tale.


Being a Good Girl – available

I’ve read westerns where on several occasions a six-gun accurately shoots over a distance of fifty metres, knocking the gun from another man’s hand—I didn’t get in touch to tell the author it is fantasy. I’ve read romance in which characters spend so much time expressing their love and gushing tenderness—I forgot where they were, and if they were dressed or naked.

In this tale, like my other erotica titles, apart from being detailed and realistic, I’ve opted for a cohesive story. Yes, I’m afraid I use that old-fashioned idea of a beginning, a middle, and an end.

There are no college bets, big debts to be repaid—however, magic potions to turn men into women (or vice-versa), and no time-travel to change somebody’s sexual orientation.

As I explained in my two-part article, Boys will be … Girls: Part 1, and Part 2, the cross-dressing sub-genre is an area ripe for creative fiction.

In my novel, Curious and Camping, cross-dressing is part of a double central theme, combined with relationships. The same sub-genre is merely a sideshow within another novel; Give & Take.

I realise that for many people, (some authors included), the idea of erotica as a genre is simply an excuse to compose smut—and those good folk are welcome to their opinions. If the work has gone in, and appropriate research or knowledge is used, an author can write well about anything.

If you didn’t already know, I started my erotica writing after reading a now famous, badly-written, badly-researched novel which featured an unlikely and highly-dangerous introduction into the world of BDSM. Don’t start me …

Being a Good Girl takes the angle of a young man who is caught en femme, which I believe is a superb premise to begin such a tale. I believe that many men (irrespective of age, their position in society, or background), are ‘caught’ through choice.

We suggest these men have been caught, but is it not also the case that they might have longed to get their predilection out there, to express their desire and partially relieve the stress, and the burden of self-imposed guilt?

Let’s have a look at a parallel in the world of crime.

How many times do we see a movie or TV series which highlights the serial killer, or other criminals, who become more daring, and leave more and more clues for the authorities?

Whatever the reasoning, where there is a sense of guilt, there is invariably a desire to be caught and punished, but perhaps not exposed.

Surely caught and exposed are the same thing?

I would say no, in the case of cross-dressing. To be ‘caught’ is more akin to being discovered by the significant other in a relationship. Being ‘exposed’ is related to a wider public knowledge. Being caught may result in any number of routes to be followed, and possibly the end of the partnership, whereas the other—being exposed, is pretty damning. We don’t live in a tolerant society whatever anybody says in the media. 

And, so, back to my tale of the accidentally discovered young cross-dresser.

He has a more advanced world surrounding him than he would have had thirty years ago. The internet is awash with websites, blogs, forums and so on. Contacts and information are available in abundance, and this is fodder for the creative writer. It takes what was once a narrow, shady world and opens it up to allow the character to be revealed, in conjunction with those with whom he achieves a connection.

Is the story targeted at a male or female audience?

Neither. My erotica aims to draw a reader in with the blurb, and then entertain with the story. If a particular scenario appeals, it depends on the outlook and expectations of the individual. You have to ask yourself how you would feel to be in such a relationship. Some people have no opinion, for others, it’s one of their fantasies, and others, it’s a reality.

In cases like the one featured in Being a Good Girl, it is invariably the partner who holds the key. Whether or not the spouse, partner or whoever agrees to take the ‘guilty’ party back into a relationship opens a whole new area for the writer to play in, and once again we can investigate a variety of options. I’ve taken our main character on a journey of discovery. There are four main characters, and two others with minor roles, so the cast is as intimate as the plot.

Does Darren enjoy his sexual education, and all ends well?

You’ll have to read the young man’s account to find out—it’s written in the first-person point of view.


Being a Good Girl (Amazon – Preview/Buy)

Being a Good Girl (BookLinker – Universal)

A Threesome

… and they keep on coming. 

Who keeps on coming?

The characters and … of course, their erotic stories.

I have two novellas and a novel listed as Work in Progress and they are all developing nicely. A few whispered words here, and a gentle caress there and it’s spread all around. The characters lap it up, and in some cases beg for more. Of course in a couple of instances, they demand more, but then that’s the beauty of knowing what you want when you want it, and how to get it.

Yes, it’s pleasure which is being spread around.

It could be assisted by the garments the characters are wearing or those which they’re no longer wearing. Perhaps it’s an intimate act they share with somebody else, or maybe more than one other person. Of course in these days of broadminded couples, it might be an accessory to the regular relationship—accessories can be inanimate objects, or living, breathing people.

Do you like your female erotica characters to be beautiful, sexy and assertive?                

How about the male of the species knowing his place–whether he’s expected to be in control or under control?  I believe you’ve just found the place you’ve been searching for. 

Would you like to take a peek under the covers?

Of course, you would.

Have a look at my latest creative efforts in the world of sensuality, submission, dominance, love and of course sexual gratification in its many forms.


This tale is told from the first-person point of view to deliver a sense of intimacy.

Darren is twenty-seven and is devastated when Corinne, his girlfriend walks out on him. We join Darren’s story as he reflects on why the split occurred, and what he ought to do next. Having lost the love of his life, there are many options open.

Is it stupidity, selfishness, or a lack of self-control which drives Darren as he gives himself an all over shave in preparation to continue with his new passion?

Surely he wouldn’t continue to pursue his fetish, now that it’s cost him a relationship?

Even as he explores his desire to be something he’s not, he feels the need for a confidante. Enter, Kirsten, but is she all she says she is, and would Darren be wise or ill-advised to go beyond exchanging pleasantries online?

Whoever else Darren gets involved with, how badly does he want to be reunited with Corinne?

Due publication – Nov 2018.


Patrick is handsome, in his thirties, eligible, and available.

Twenty years have passed since his school days and those stolen glances at a handful of the pretty girls in the classroom. The outstanding beauty of the year was Jessica, with her long, wavy, red hair and incredible figure—a teenage temptress.

Patrick used the epithet Jessica Rabbit in a conversation with friends and the nickname stuck. It had been intended as a compliment, but teenagers don’t always appreciate what’s under the surface. In the blink of an eye, Patrick was repaid with the nickname Pat the Rat, and so, he had a nickname which was not inspired by goodwill.

With the elation of knowing the schooldays were over, the nicknames around the class were explained and excused and caused a few laughs. The disparate pupils all ended their school years as friends as they went their separate ways.

Settled as a widower, and working from home, Patrick tackles erotic short story writing as a new hobby. His work is critiqued on a website by other authors and he’s pleased to see where his strengths and weaknesses lie. One of the critiques has been composed by a writer called Jessica Rabbit. Surely not the delectable girl from all those years ago?

Due publication – early 2019.


A reflective account in first person point of view, told by the primary male character, Ron.

Ron and Candice enjoy their life together. Due to staffing cuts, Ron leaves an agency and goes freelance to maintain an income. He is a book cover designer and works across a wide range of genre.

Candice is a natural blonde beauty. She’s tall, has long shapely legs, and curves which give her a wholesome figure. As a business negotiator Candice must know when to push, and when to hold back, but her ability to plan strategically and control is second nature.

Early in their marriage, they discovered their blissful relationship would not be blessed with children, and it was accepted by both of them. In an effort to give more depth to their love for each other they often had deep discussions.

Sharing was a theme which drew them closer together, as they talked of thoughts, emotions, ideas, possessions and so on meaning more when shared. For both of them, sharing brought happiness … and then one day Candice discovered that Ron had taken sharing one step too far.

Due publication – early 2019.


All of the aforementioned stories are well-developed and are now being taken to the next level. It would be a tremendous help to me if I received any comments to guide me on which ones appealed to readers.

As always, there is no need for your comment to be known publicly. If you don’t wish your name to be seen, please comment using my confidential Contact page.

Sincere thanks.



Boys will be … Girls: Part 2 of 2

In Boys will be … Girls: Part 1 of 2, I took a broad brush approach to write about cross-dressing, the associated attitudes to it, and common misconceptions.

In this second half of my article, I’d like to explore sexuality, but not the straightforward boy and girl. Heterosexual attraction is basic, natural and accepted, so there’s no need for discussion. Let’s look at why two people of the same gender get their act together, or there is a possibility …

It would be foolhardy to investigate same-sex couples who have chosen to exist in such a relationship. Gay couples of either gender can be as steadfast in their relationship as any heterosexual pairing. Nor am I interested in talking about those who recognise they are bi-sexual–they already know they enjoy sex with either their gender or the opposite.

I’m not interested in the settled couples here, I’d like readers to consider those on the fence … the bi-curious, sometimes referred to simply as ‘curious’.

How Curious are You?

Most people who regard themselves as straight-as-a-dye sexually, will either mentally switch off now, or at some stage during this second part of my Boys will be … Girls, article.

Wherever you are on the sliding (or well-lubricated) sexual scale, I hope you read through to the end. I never take the moral high ground, and therefore don’t preach on any subject. In this case, we are dealing with an area of the human psyche which is developed over many years. For some, I’ve no doubt there is no middle ground—their attitude is resolute.

Remember, we’re not suggesting that you might or might not be gay—we’re thinking about people who are publicly heterosexual, but inside are ‘bi-curious’.

I think the way forward is to tackle the theory from two angles and not two genders.


Have you ever had those peculiar notions?

Honesty must be the prevailing trait here and it will demonstrate the quality of your ‘word’. I will thank you in advance for admitting your position to yourself, and here and now, although nobody else will know.

Whatever gender you are, if you admit being ‘curious’ you’ve given anything from a little to a lot of serious thought about having a sexual experience with a person of the same (natural) gender. Have you wondered about how you’d react to the offer of such a coupling? Has it crossed your mind that you might start willingly, but crumble in the cold light of day and say, no—sorry? Perhaps you’ve actually imagined yourself with a particular person? Would your worries be more associated with embarrassment, hygiene, or would it be the moral aspect—it’s kinky after all; isn’t it? Whatever.

There are too many questions that could be considered, and it would be foolish for me to attempt to list all of them here, but my aim is to suggest that the idea passes through everybody’s mind at some stage in their lives.

Are you one of the, ‘not me—I’m straight—always have been—always will be’ types?


Has somebody else had those peculiar notions?

No matter your age, think about your life from your earliest childhood memories. Don’t cheat and block out vague recollections—show some integrity and be honest, after all, it’s only with yourself.

Think back to those school days from the earliest until you left education, whether it be at secondary school or university. Even if you didn’t prompt the attention, was there ever a ‘friend’ who said, did, or hinted that they might like to be closer?

It might have been one small incident, and you’ve told yourself it didn’t happen.

Okay, so you’ve had a good think back and nothing is creeping through the mists of time.

What about those times when you’ve been under the influence?

Has one of your friends been eager to help you get undressed, or helped you to bed?


What about extreme circumstances?

Look at your life now and the people who populate it—and still consider your own gender.

Have you never in your teenage or adult life wondered what you’d feel like if you were stranded on a tropical island, but the only other person was somebody of your gender?

If you haven’t thought about it—please, try it now.

Have you ever wondered how life might be for you if somehow you landed in prison?

If not—please, consider it now.


How about combining the two halves of this article?

If those naughty and improbable thoughts crossed your mind, regarding getting together with a member of your own sexual gender, would you find it more acceptable if one of you ‘dressed’ appropriately as the opposite sex?

Okay, we’ll suggest the answer to the question was ‘yes’ and if one person was made-up and dressed as the opposite sex—would you prefer it to be you, or your sexual partner? Of course, we have to consider that your partner might be bi-sexual, curious, or even have a little experience and want to go further.

Open your mind, and let your imagination run riot. If reading either or both of these articles has caused you the slightest arousal, you’re not kinky—you’re normal, but you’re curious. Of course, you might not be curious–you might already recognise that your are gay, or bi-sexual.


This two-part article has been particularly for you if you’re one of those I mentioned in the first part of my article—the lovely folk who’ve been in touch to ask why I write erotica, and on the topics I choose.

Crossdressing and the various reasons for it are a treasure-trove for the creative writer, and now hopefully you’ll see that sexual orientation and curiosity are in the same league—a wonderland of ideas.

Thank you for reading, and as always, comments are welcome.


Boys will be … Girls: Part 1 of 2

Okay, so I’m not a household name with regard to my creative writing in the erotica genre, but I have had a few anonymous messages, asking why I write in this area. If those who’ve asked the questions are among the handful of followers of this blog/website, this article and the next one are for you.

You can use your name in messages—I won’t bite—unless you’d like me to ….


In our modern world, I find it peculiar that the female gender may dress completely in what is apparently male attire, but if you find a man (of whatever age) wearing an item which is usually associated with the female of the species … funny looks and whispered questions abound.

In some gay relationships where it is a female couple, it is on occasion easy to distinguish their roles because not only does the ‘masculine’ partner have an appropriately ‘un-feminine’ hairstyle, they will wear trousers or jeans, tops which are unflattering (for a female), and sometimes more robust footwear.

Yes, there are the gay female couples out there who look like two regular friends, dressed in similar feminine outfits, but their sexual preferences would be impossible to determine unless they started kissing passionately in public.

Women who dress in male attire are not openly referred to by their preference for clothes—crossdressers, but will quickly be labelled by many people as any one of a number of derogatory terms.

If we take this observation to the opposite side of the gender scale, I find it peculiar that men who wear even one item of feminine clothing are labelled as crossdressers, or perverts, before anything else about them is considered. Many movies have now used the ‘women’s underwear under the business suit’ theme, which must be disconcerting to a large number of businessmen who commute daily and work in a suit.

Men who crossdress in full costume and wear makeup are immediately assumed to be gay, but in reality, this will not be the case for many. Okay, what may have started as a fetish for a particular garment may have developed and then the situation has evolved to encompass much more, but it doesn’t mean they prefer sex with men. It’s not something for the general public to be overly concerned about. It’s harmless.

Yes, a fetish could be dangerous—if it involved caressing the sexual organs and simultaneously squeezing the trigger of a loaded automatic weapon.

Why do I find the phrase ‘crossdressing’ an interesting area of conjecture?

When gay couples (of the male variety) are seen together, I can’t remember ever seeing one of a pair dressed as a woman. Yes, once again in movies we catch the odd scene where the powerful man has a crossdressed male partner, but I’ve noticed this is usually promoted as a secret ‘deviation’ … they don’t go out in public arm in arm.

Yes, some crossdressers may begin with private and experimental sessions, and over time realise that they’ve developed a desire to feel more feminine, or experience life as a woman, but again, it’s not a structured route that all fetishists or crossdressers must follow. We’ll look at this area in more detail in Part 2 of my article, which should be published in about a week.

Now, to complicate things further, the transgender person became a recent target for some people to ogle and point an accusing finger. How rapidly we as a race are developing—we now have a growing trend in society for sub-genders. We’ve reached a point where children (under 18), are being given counselling about their personal gender preference.

As you’ll now have gathered, if you didn’t already know, there is considerable scope in this area for the creative writer.

If you have an opinion, please leave a comment?


In the second part of this article, I’ll briefly examine sexuality.

Sexual fulfilment and preference of partner are gained on an individual level—it’s not pre-programmed as a standard for every human being.


Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories – now available


As any of my regular readers will be aware, there are twelve tales in my short story collections and this one is no different—except that most of them are longer than usual.

Of the twelve stories in this book, two were borne of simple ideas in recent months, while six of them have been developed over years. This is a healthy method of writing any topic, but I find it particularly useful when dealing with erotica. A writer’s craft is honed with each title, and an occasional visit to what was a mediocre story can take it up several levels. I like to believe that’s what I’ve achieved in this instance.

In this selection I’ve aimed to highlight that sexual activity isn’t always the culmination of a sensitive and romantic relationship between two or more people. On occasion, it might be a means of gratification for one or more of the participants.

Illicit love affairs between two or more partners are commonplace in our modern world. These trysts are rarely simple except on the surface, and it pays to know—not only who you’re with, but who else might be taking a keen interest.

While another person might not be involved, there are times when being wary of observation can be good.

Have you ever looked at somebody you found attractive and thought, ‘What would I give …?’

I know I have … but what if one day the object of desire made it possible to make the fantasy a reality?

How far would you go when you insist your word is your bond—but you’ve been lying?

Amazon Preview/Buy                                    BookLinker – Global

If you’d like a little more teasing before visiting the Amazon link for this book why not go to the page here on my site and see what the stories are about? 

Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories

There are links there too, so you don’t have to come back—keep going forward; and enjoy some harmless sex–whatever your persuasion, or circumstances.


A Special Offer to my readers:

Is there a personal fantasy you harbour and would like to see in a story?

Drop me a confidential message via my Contact page.

What is said between us, stays between us, and if your idea is good, I’ll make an effort to develop it into a story.

Nobody sees any message left on my Contact page because it goes directly to my personal email.

If I get sufficient response I’ll be happy to work on all suitable suggestions.

As an author, it would be fulfilling to produce a collection based on readers’ fantasies.

Until next time, thank you for your visit and taking an interest in my work.


Curious and Camping – Available


Curious and Camping: An Erotic Journey is now available on Amazon.

Why not pack something easily removed and join the guys on their trip?

Another option of course, is to get along to Amazon and get the eBook before the system overheats.

I tried my hand with Coming Around: and other erotic stories and the characters went down well …

A bit of Give & Take (A Tale of Erotica), was next–a novel creating a scenario featuring a lot of cum-uppance …

The reviews on the aforementioned gave me the confidence to flex my muscles for Highland Games, my five-part novella series.

Curious and Camping: An Erotic Journey features many aspects of the journeys undertaken by characters in my other erotica work, but showcasing two central characters throughout.

As the two guys set off on their two-week break, it was an adventure for me too–I only had a vague idea what they’d get up … to.

Now, I must await the opinion of those who have either enjoyed my previous erotica work, or those who will be trying my writing with this book.

Whichever camp you belong to, I’d appreciate your feedback.


– A public review on Amazon.

– A confidential message on this website, or on my main website – Tom Benson – Author.


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Curious and Camping: An Erotic Journey

   1 – Chris and Marty

  2 – Penelope and Kimberly

  3 – Marty and Lou

  4 – Marty and Ann-Marie

  5 – Glencoe

  6 – Aviemore

  7 – Natalie and Kathryn

  8 – Chris and Natalie

  9 – Kelso

10 – Questions and Answers

11 – A Few Mouthfuls

12 – Submission

13 – Chris and Penelope

14 – Thurso

15 – Danielle

16 – Preparations

17 – Debauchery

18 – Andrea

19 – Divulgence

20 – Dressed to Please

21 – Two into One

22 – Full-fill-meant



They’re Coming … soon


Who are coming soon?

The characters in Curious and Camping of course.

Although the story didn’t evolve as a novel until late last year, this idea had been on my mind for some time. I toyed with the main characters being two girls, but as I’ve discovered in other stories, there is a greater depth to characters, action and plot if there is an understanding of the possible issues.

Why should any research or knowledge be an issue with erotica?

In any writing, the author owes the reader what is being marketed. As I regularly suggest from this digital soapbox on the topic–too many erotica authors don’t do their job properly. Unless the book description states ‘Erotic Sci-Fi’, we are dealing with people.

Yes, men can write about women, and women can write about men, and those who class themselves as neither–well dare I say they’re ‘lucky’ enough to have a deeper understanding of the crossover area. This is important because when you write about sexual activities they should not only be physically possible, they should also be suitable to the mindset of the characters involved.

In Curious and Camping, my characters have evolved with each draft, and now I’m confident I’m nearing the endgame regarding the story. However we treat erotica as a genre, I believe it is more closely aligned to fantasy and romance than anything else. The subject matter can be dressed up, but at the end of the day we are dealing with the deepest, secret, and sometimes darkest daydreams of the author–and the reader. The activities will rarely occur for most people, but the thought that they might is what keeps them alive for each individual.

I’ve had three different endings so far and the end will remain in the balance until I arrive at that final draft. As with any creative, I may not be totally happy with the finished result, but it will be as close as I can go.

Another subtle change I made for this book was an amendment to the cover. I recently changed all of my erotica covers and though to the untrained eye they look the same, they are different. I’ve produced three different bases to create sub-brands for short stories, novellas, and novels. Perhaps if I try my hand at erotica poetry I’ll have to come up with something else.

The important news is that this book will be available in late April/early May 2018. It will be a full-length novel, rather than one of the 26-page ‘books’ available with a cover which screams ‘cheap thrills’.

Thank you in advance to all those brave souls who venture here and leave their mark. 🙂

Keeping up Appearances

I revamped my covers recently and though it was a day-long exercise it freed me to concentrate on my next novel in this genre.

The second draft of Curious and Camping is complete and I’m happy with progress.

I had concerns at one stage when considering the capacity of the story, both regarding content and volume. I wondered if I might be better to aim for a novella, rather than a full-length novel. I recall I was in a similar quandary when in the early stages of Give & Take, but the difference there was that I had a clear vision of where I wanted to go in that first erotica novel.

How is this one looking in length?

I believe I can say with confidence that with 75,000 words (over 22 chapters), I am now dealing with a novel. As I go forward and slice irrelevant words, sentences and passages I expect to have a minimum 65,000 words. Yes, the loss of 10,000 words may sound brutal, but if it focuses the storytelling for the narrator and the enjoyment for the reader, it will be worthwhile.

To establish Curious and Camping I created seven characters who would be developed and a handful of characters who would play minor, but necessary supporting roles at various stages.

As things have moved on and I completed this recent draft I’ve removed one of the original characters but given a deeper, more meaningful role to another. In my next draft when I read the story from hard copy I’ll have a true feel for the tale and who belongs, or doesn’t.

Has anything else changed?

I’m pleased with the working title and now I’ve reached this stage I know it works.

As is the case with any book a good title and cover are crucial.

In a recent purge of my erotica covers (which I produced myself), I overhauled all of them to create a sub-brand for this genre. Yes, many modern tales have a fairly obvious content, but I take feedback onboard and when I was honest with myself my ‘naked lovers’ themes were more smut than erotic.

What about the content?

I don’t believe people read erotica to be told, ‘… and following a passionate kiss, they undressed each other and enjoyed a night of love-making.’

Out there in the world of reading material, we have romance, which I also write, and the characters become deeply involved, but the detail of their physical relationship is left for the reader to imagine.

In steamy romance, we may end up as a fly-on-the-wall of the sex scene, but the language is usually tasteful suggestion and a cut above regular romance.

If you choose to read my take on erotica you’ll feel as if you’re closer to the grass, bed, chair, or floor than the wall. Suffice to say if you like a story with graphic erotic scenes, I believe you’ll enjoy my erotica books.

Walls are for flies to view scenes.

My intention is for my readers to be envious of at least one of the characters in a scene.

As the creator of Curious and Camping I have to admit I am envious of characters in different scenes, but which character and which scenes are best left between me and the story.

When will this raunchy tale be available for purchase?

At present, due to working on a variety of projects and the need to leave a story aside to rest, I think this one will be published in May or June 2018.

Thank you as always those few visitors who read my work, or my words and leave their mark.


Curiouser and Curiouser


When I got the idea to attempt this story my first issue wasn’t the content, but the point of view. I was confident I could write the sex scenes and do them well. In other genres, I’ve found both in reading and writing that the first-person point of view reaches deeper with a reader.

What is the first-person point of view?

It’s a straightforward piece of storytelling as if the main character has the reader in a room and the incidents are being related directly to the reader.

Is there a downside?

Some authors find it difficult in certain genres because they are not merely talking as the character — they have to become the character to create credibility. Yes, some people think of it as a downside, but I treat it as a personal challenge.

To get me into the scenario I started the tale in third person point of view and talked about the characters as if I was a narrator on the sidelines. I wrote the first three chapters and by then I had a ‘feel’ for the characters and the circumstances.

Imagination is essential when writing a story of any length, but with erotica, I’ve found that however good the imagination is working it’s beneficial to have experience or a reasonable knowledge of the topics.

As I’ve said in previous posts, there is so much rubbish out there under the erotica banner. Single short stories being sold as a ‘book’, and ‘bumper collections’ of ‘books’ which are no more than a handful of short stories. What makes matters worse is the dependence on a handful of simple reasons why the main character ends up in a particular situation.

For example: Being low on money and desperate to pay debts, doing something for a bet, getting involved for fun and finding out they enjoyed the activity, or taking an experimental drug are popular easy options. A lot of indie authors unfortunately rely on the old favourite – it was all a dream. Yes, whatever. The already pitiful plots are then completely destroyed by unbelievable and illogical sequences of action. I digress.

My tale is set in 2007. My main character, Chris is a straight male who is easy for me to identify with, but as the story unfolds he realises his best friend Marty has changed since they last spent quality time together.

As any reader of my work (including erotica) will know, I believe in sexual equality and in my opinion, it should be a major consideration for an author.

All characters of whichever sexual persuasion are created with respect; consensual involvement is paramount. I believe if the characters experience pleasure, so too will the reader.

As I put this update together I’ve reached Chapter 10. The guys have been on the road in the camper van for a week and have already had deep discussions about their lives and in particular, Marty’s issues. They’ve encountered a few girls already and both of the guys were tested in different respects.

At one stage, early on in the project, I had a few doubts about whether this story would work as a novel or might be better shortened to a novella. In certain cases, size matters, and I want to ensure I leave my readers satisfied so I am aiming for the story being a novel.

What could be my motivation for writing this story?

First of all, like any author, I employ imagination to help me write my stories. In writing erotica, an author must be prepared to occasionally express personal fantasies or use incidents which have been first-hand experiences. The reader, of course, should be drawn into the tale and left to ponder which parts are fantasy, imagination, experience or conjecture*.

As I continue with Curious and Camping, I can assure prospective readers that there is a little of all* of those four things within the story.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and as always, comments are welcome whether public or private through my (confidential) Contact page.