Coming Around: and other erotic stories

 Intelligent and thrilling

Erotica is a genre I’m not used to reading and so was both apprehensive and excited to try it but discovered this book was so much more than expected. I was pleasantly surprised; the writing was intelligent and the dialogue appropriate for the style of each story. I enjoyed the plot of each short story and all of the characters were totally believable. It’s this combination that makes the erotica aspects of the story work so well; I don’t think I would have read past the first story if it had just been about sex.

With the variety of sexual situations covered in this book, there is bound to be a story to appeal to everyone’s secret perversions and push boundaries beyond the comfort zone. Those fantasies we dare not voice are featured here for you to indulge in safely and privately. As a woman, some stories I found salacious and titillating, while others were a fascinating insight into male sexual desires. All were a great read and provoked a variety of strong emotions.

Personally I would enjoy the first story being written into a full length novel most of all. The second story made me extremely uncomfortable but provoked the strongest emotions; I can imagine this providing an amazing plot line for a novel.

This is the type of book you don’t want to admit to enjoying, but secretly do. I look forward to reading more by this author and have already downloaded several. Just shows you should never judge a book by its genre but it does take a talented writer to do erotica well!

Steamy but intelligent erotica!

A great collection of erotica themed short stories that explore a wide spectrum of sexuality and the sexual fantasies that we all have, though few seldom admit to. The themes covered range from the curiosity and first tentative explorations of same sex attraction, heterosexual role play, cross dressing and transgender sex, attraction to the `older’ woman, voyeurism, as well as venturing into the world of BDSM and non-consensual sex, often combining several themes in the one story.

Although right out of the world of sexual fantasy, these stories are for the most part an entirely believable and realistic portrayal of the nitty gritty of what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults, and on occasion, the `not so’ consensual. Whilst the central themes of this anthology are erotica and the varying shades of sexuality, the themes in each case are effortlessly woven into intriguing scenarios that hold the reader’s attention irrespective of the subject matter. There are some good and amusing `twist in the tale’ type endings, but unlike in the more conventional short story, the conclusions of these stories is often where the central character’s adventures are really just beginning, allowing the reader’s imagination to come into its own.

Overall, this is an intriguing and fascinating insight and exploration into and of the complex world of human sexuality and fantasy, but more importantly though, the stories are thoroughly entertaining – erotic, most certainly, but there are also some great moments of comic humour, poetic justice, and unexpected twists. This is without doubt a niche genre, but the variety of themes and scenarios give this anthology an appeal beyond just fans of erotica, but for those particular fans, this is a real treat of intelligent, well written, story based tales of erotica, and in my opinion, ones that are head and shoulders above most other similarly themed novels and anthologies.

Very good indeed!
It is not everyone who can write stories of this kind, and write them well. For example, I certainly could not. I would be too inhibited. Too reluctant to allow any reader to glimpse the secret lust and passion of my inner mind, my feelings of physical desire at the deepest level.
Tom Benson, however, is cut from a different cloth. All the more remarkable when you gaze upon his benign and friendly visage which gives the impression that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Not only does he have the required imagination, but he also has the required willingness to bare his inner self, right down to the impassioned breaths of his very soul. And this is how he differs from other writers who attempt this genre—with them it is usually a case of painting by numbers, calculatingly saying what they believe will sell their book, dredging up every bit of smut they’ve ever read or heard.
With Tom Benson it is different, you can feel he is right there when it is happening, that what he is saying is also what he is feeling, that he has let loose his considerable descriptive powers into an area of his inner self which is very private, very personal. And this is why it sounds good to the reader. It is genuinely how he feels, and you can take it or leave it. It is not something manufactured for profit.
And to write so well, particularly about the intimacy between two women—well, as a writer who also writes for women I have to say that I am very impressed indeed, even though I do not write in this particular genre. These stories will titillate. They will excite. They will stimulate. They will take you to places where lesser mortals like me fear to tread. Now, what higher praise can I give than that!