Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella

Sexual tension being ratcheted up a notch with each page you turn

Tom Benson brings his descriptive eye for imagery to an erotic scenario. I am used to reading action paced thrillers from this accomplished author, but in this story, it is sexual tension being ratcheted up a notch with each page you turn. I think this and also the sexual descriptions were tailored more for a female audience.

In Highland games, there is a strong growing sense of sexual tension developing between the two main characters until about a third of the way through the story. It is a rhetorical question concerning whether they will get it on. It is more a matter of when and under what circumstance. When they figuratively jump the broom, the imagery is nice and very visual.
The male protagonist is an artist who has been commissioned to paint sexually themed murals throughout a large country house situated remotely in the highlands. He is being well paid and chooses not to probe too deeply as to their purpose.
They are both single and the initial restraint which they show to each other is tempered solely by professional and polite decorum. This behaviour in keeping with good taste and propriety against an intensely erotic backdrop defines this book. This story is a foray into eroticism rather than soft or hard porn. The descriptive narrative works well and the highland imagery comes alive through well-written description, as does the sexual imagery. Maybe, it’s better to read this book in private, rather than when you are on a bus.
Thank you, Mr Benson
Well, where do I start? Perhaps with the one-liner from the main and very lucky character when he says, “thanks for the arousal.” I did find this book genuinely arousing. I was more than satisfied with the deftly sketched physical attributes of the heroine–for heroine, she certainly was to be able to give and take ecstasy to the giddy heights of Mr Benson’s imagination. I have often scratched my head in complete bafflement at the physiques of the catwalk models favoured by famous designers. The stick insect, flat-chested look might possibly be, as it is argued, preferable for draping clothes on to maximum effect, but they still leave me cold….and do the people who buy these clothes really want to look like those models? Do many red-blooded men prefer to contemplate women with lovely faces but other physical characteristics which bring to mind a flat, desert wasteland? Give me Mr Benson’s full-bodied representation of the female form anytime!
The central male character is, of course, footloose and fancy-free, to use an old-fashioned phrase. The central female character and her shadowy husband are still married. This latter aspect I found a bit depressing, in view of their obsession with sexual gratification as obviously the only means left to achieve any kind of physical/emotional/spiritual fulfilment. This was so sad, but nevertheless realistic, as they were non-creative types, he “a leading player in the stock market,” and she, “a sales director for a high-end fashion chain.” Limited interests. Few hobbies, if any. At a loss to find anything better to do than to open a boarding house where people of a similar mind could stay to indulge their animal cravings, which needed the presence of lewd murals on the bedroom walls to inspire them. But I cannot mark the author down for that, as he is only being realistic. Neither can I mark him down for the great sex but lamentable lack of any engagement of the emotions, and the huge rewards available in the exchange of such feelings, which in the end are surely more enduring than pure and simple animal lust. Because again it is, alas, a realistic depiction; these are human beings one meets every day. Play it safe. Don’t let your heart engage, the absence of all post-coital tenderness serving as a means to achieve emotional dislocation. So sad. Oh, well.
The author is very good at setting the scene. His background detail is carefully researched and therefore wholly believable. This is not for readers looking for romance, and the author is completely honest and upfront about it. It is a narrative designed to titillate, stimulate, excite and gratify, plain and simple, and in my view, on this basis alone it must have a huge market in readers of both sexes (or, if today’s media is to be believed, the many sexes that now exist!). Within its brief, this book does the job, fully and completely, insofar as providing a massive hit of sexual stimulation. Therefore I cannot help but give it five stars. So readers be warned, seek peace and seclusion before taking up this book, for it will absorb you to the hilt. Again, Mr Benson, “thanks for the arousal!”
A Cool Book
This is not the first book by Tom Benson I have read. He is an author who is really good at detailed descriptions, which works especially well in his erotica. This particular book is very unique in many ways.
First of all, the author takes his time before jumping into sexual scenes. He teases his readers first by making them familiar with the main protagonists, the 25-year-old Jeff and the 40-year-old Cheryl. The chemistry between the two is obvious from the start, but it takes about one-third of the book before they finally have sex. Since then the story just flows smoothly from one passionate encounter to another.
The author breaks many conventional taboos, which is only a good thing in this genre. The undeniable fact is that Cheryl is married and in a business relationship with Jeff. Yet things are not as simple as they may seem to those who are too quick to judge.
The job for which Cheryl hired Jeff is not just conventional work requiring conventional rules. He is to paint walls in Cheryl’s house with such sexual scenes that making some of them happen seems to be a natural conclusion of the whole situation. Cheryl’s marriage is not an ordinary union between a man and a woman who want to be exclusive either. It presents very special challenges and opportunities, but I will not say more about it in this review. If you want to know, just read the book:-)