Woman to Woman (R)

Intelligent and drama-based erotica to thrill and entertain.
A highly enjoyable tale and exploration of the wonderful world of erotica and sexuality in all their many forms, from early teenage fumblings to those of adult maturity. The main theme of the novel centres around two very different women, both exploring their sexuality to the full, although the rest of the story is filled with many other intriguing characters too. The differing storylines eventually merge, providing the story with somewhat of a feelgood factor too.

Although I’m not usually a fan of erotica, having read some of the author’s other genre books I thought I’d give this one a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see this completely defied my usual view of an erotica novel as little more than the written equivalent of a badly made 70s porn film. Let me say from the start, this is not steamy or risque romance, but full-on explicit erotica that leaves nothing to the imagination. Having said that though, the steamy side of the writing is intertwined with genuinely engaging and converging storylines and drama; rather than the ‘story’ merely being a vessel for lots of ‘sex scenes’ though, the two aspects of this novel, ie the sex and the drama, complement each other perfectly. As I’ve said, the erotica is full-on, including the use of lots of ‘toys,’ but the author portrays it most tastefully without ever resorting to the blunt explicit dialogue of hard-core pornography.

I particularly liked the way the characters’ initially differentiated between the purely physical side of their desires and the more emotional ones, only to see the two converging more and more just as the remainder of the story also did.

I suspect fans of erotica will not only be impressed with the excellence of the writing and erotica scenes here but will be equally entertained and captivated by the overall story. If you like strong, confident, and successful female characters enjoying life, their bodies, and every aspect of their sexuality, this is a must-read.