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Why pay a high price for great sex?

Yes, it’s true, you can pay less for great sex.

As we reach the middle of November I’ve reduced the prices of my Highland Games erotica novellas, and they will remain at reduced prices until Monday 1st January 2018.

Not one, but each of the five will remain at the reduced price of 99p (UK), and 99c (US), and of course the equivalent in other currencies.

Why should I do such a thing?

I want to give erotica readers sex six weeks to buy into the Highland Games experience.

I accept firstly that there are many people, like me, who enjoy reading good erotica, but there is a considerable volume of badly-written, over-priced, short-length work out there. I’ve seen many an eBook of less than 60 pages with an asking price of a novel, which is simply greed. I don’t do greed, and I refuse to short-change my readers.

If you take the first of my series in the next six weeks, and don’t like what you see, you’ve only spent 99p or equivalent. If you do like what you see, you’ll have until Sunday 31st December 2017 to snap up the other four titles.

This is not a wham-bam, thank you, series which gives you the same thing five times over. I worked hard to produce an interlocking series with colourful characters and believable situations. I’ve delivered scenes depicting a wide variety of activities, and having seen what is out there, I’m confident my work will satisfy a lot of readers.

Treat yourself to the introductory book. What have you got to lose?

Oh, yes, I was forgetting … 99p.

Clicking on the main picture at top will take you to the erotica page of my author website. All titles have preview/buy options one click away.

Clicking on any of the individual titles will take you to the individual title page in this blog. Preview/buy option are one click away.

Perhaps you’re a curious reader, or you’ve read ‘steamy romance’ and wondered about going a step further? Go on, nobody will be watching … and you might even enjoy yourself as you let your inner voyeur have a little time on the outside.

If you do indulge, I’d really appreciate your thoughts, whether in a review on Amazon, or in a confidential message on my Contact page.

Thank you.



Alex is coming ….


Alex is coming, and so too are a variety of previously seen and new characters in Highland Games – 4: An Erotica Novella.

When I began writing the Highland Games series it was to attempt two ideas. The first was to write an erotica novella and the other was to create a strong foundation on which to build additional characters and stories with good locations and fresh, believable predicaments.

I’m presently performing final edits on the fourth story in the series, and I have to admit with Alex I found the longest and hardest part so far. Knitting together two stories is relatively easy, and adding a third which will interconnect takes more work. To make the fourth story slip in like a lubricated accessory has taken concentration, and a lot of effort.

The climax of the series will be Highland Games – 5, which is underway and all the characters are getting along famously. Many characters from the previous episodes will appear in the final tale, but rest assured there will be fresh flesh and more sexperimental shenanigans at the Highland Haven Hotel, tucked away up there in the Scottish Highlands.

Highland Games – 4: An Erotica Novella will be available in early July 2017, and my present target is to produce Highland Games – 5: An Erotica Novella by October 2017.


The intention all along has been to produce a minimum of five volumes, but if the series proves popular when completed, I may supplement it with a novel or more novellas. As any reader of my erotica work will understand, I leave a lot of scope for expansion ….

If you’re reading the series I hope it’s going well for you, and a review would be appreciated.

As always, thank you for your time, and any comments.