Work in Progress


In both mainstream genres and erotica, I’ve written poetry, short story, and novel.

The story length I have only written in erotica is novella—the middle-of-the-road length which is meatier than a short story, but crucially, not as long as a novel.

Unlike many other erotica authors, I write the genre alongside my mainstream work. I find erotica both fun and relaxing to write. 

My first efforts in this area of creative writing were short stories, followed by a novel. When I ventured into the novella, the medium-length story, I believe I found the ideal capacity for a reasonable tale of sexy exploits.

How can I be confident of producing so much in this specialised genre while simultaneously writing and publishing my mainstream work—thrillers?

Like a healthy sex session—it’s all in the preparation. All of my proposed erotica titles for 2019 were already written at least to first draft. In the case of the poetry, I’ve now composed thirty original erotic poems, and like the other writing, they will be refined—in the structure, if not the content.

I hope we see much more of each other in the coming year … .