Work in Progress


In both mainstream genres and erotica I’ve written poetry, short story, and novel. In February 2017 I completed a trilogy. In November 2017 I published the final part in a five-part series novel.

The story length I did not attempt until recently was novella – the middle-of-the-road length which is meatier than a short story, but crucially, not as long as a novel.


Getting Down and Dirty


I thought long and hard, before deciding to use erotica as my trial genre for novella-length writing. Whether I went beyond my first series would depend on how well I adapted and how much feedback I received.

Highland Games, the series of erotica novellas sells regularly, but is light on reviews. I believe this is mainly due to readers wishing to enjoy the books, but distance themselves if they usually review under their regular name.

As 2018 marches on my erotica collection has increased, and as 2019 approaches I have more in the pipeline. There are three novellas in progress and all are at different stages of completion. My aim is to publish all three by early 2019.