Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories



This will be a variety of twelve erotica tales which invite the reader into scenarios in which they become a fly on the wall – unless they’d prefer to imagine being a part of the action.

The titles will be chosen from the following, and most are stories I’ve been working on over a long period.






1.   Quiet Night Inn

2.   Learning Lessons   

3.   A Tender Touch

4.   A Little Taster

5.   All Tied Up

6.   Invasion of Privacy

7.   A Day Away

8.   Control (Blind Surrender)

9.   The Predators

10.   The Options

11.   A Virtual Affair

12.  Assessment and Progression

13.  Taking the Lead

14.  His ‘n’ Hers

15.  Aunts in his pants