Woman to Woman: An Erotic Novella

Heather has a chequered past when it comes to relationships.

Lauren has also had a troublesome time of making life work with somebody else.

A small, private studio in London brings the two women together.

Heather is admiring a  painting titled ‘The Banquet‘ unaware that she herself is being admired by Lauren—the artist.


Due publication – 2019

Author’s Note: 

Woman to Woman: An Erotic Novella, is the story of how Dr Heather Clement first met Lauren, one of her team in the private clinic in the Scottish Highlands – first featured in Give & Take. If you have yet to read the novel, the clinic is the Sexual Exploration and Consultation Services (SECS). This, of course, the same Dr Heather Clement who is mentioned in the Highland Games series and in a couple of my other erotic stories.

When I published Give & Take I had a few readers who liked these two characters so much they got in touch with me privately The readers wanted to know more about Heather and Lauren.

It’s taken me a couple of years to get there, but I want all of my readers to enjoy learning about Heather’s background. and the girls’ introduction to each other, so it may take a few months to get the job done properly.

Okay, let’s face it—I want to enjoy their introduction too.

No spoilers, apart from the knowledge that this one will be predominately girl-on-girl.