A Class Act: A Tale of Erotica

After many years away, I returned to Edinburgh, my hometown. I needed a fresh start in a place which held pleasant memories, and life had been good.

My client base was steady, which increased my confidence, but my people skills had taken some knocks. I settled quickly working from home, and got into my secret hobby; writing erotic short stories.

Soon after joining a writers’ website, one of the prominent authors suggested I sign up to a local group—which I did.

An old acquaintance set my life off in a new direction, and I achieved my fresh start.


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Table of Contents

1. Once Upon a Website

2. Reading into things ….

3. The Class

4. Getting Hooked

5. Tea, Cake, and Info Dumps

6. Sex and Stories

7. Getting in Touch

8. More Questions than Answers

9. Coming Clean

10. On Balance ….

11. The Power of a Temptress

12. Telling Tales and Giving Names

13. Where there is Hope

14. A Story, or a Suggestion?

15. Teas, and Teasing

16. Reading Between the Lines

17. Appealing, and Appealing

18. Looking Good

19. Looking On

20. Wishful Thinking

21. To Be, or Not To Be ….

22. Yes, or No?

23. Patricia Comes Out

24. Whispers in the Woods

25. Recognition and Readiness

26. All Coming Together Nicely

27. Flexible Friends

28. Girl Talk

29. Mutual Appreciation

30. Room Service

31. Breakfast Serials

32. Snacking between meals

33. Four Play

34. Late in Coming

35. Well Come

36. Come Inside

37. Getting up Early

38. Three into One

39. Let’s have a bang … gang

40. Offers and Openings

41. Decisions … Decisions

42. Moving On