Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella

Jeff is 25 and runs his own interior decoration business. He discovered a niche in the market for mural painters–and is prepared to paint anything for clients. On the side of Jeff’s van is the promise:

‘Your Wish is My Command’

Cheryl, an attractive 40-year-old wants to make her remote Highland Haven Hotel unique. One day while shopping she sees Jeff”s van with his message. She also sees Jeff and a fanciful idea comes to mind ….

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Please note dear reader, this is the first part of a novella series. Each book is standalone, but the tales in the series are interconnected, all being based on the foundation of Highland Games – 1.

As novellas, they are not as long as full-length novels, however, they will not merely be extended short stories. I have no intention of ‘short-changing’ readers to build a series. I must also enter a disclaimer here and let you know–apart from the graphic sex scenes, each book will have a story.

Any comments or suggestions regarding stories are welcome as always.