Free Erotica

I’ve held back to show self-control, but I’m finally giving it to anybody for a weekend.

Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella is free over the weekend Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th October 2017.

This will be a one-off promo for the series.

Over the past couple of years I’ve kept quiet about my monthly freebie title until the weekend of the promotion, but for this one, I thought I’d try to generate interest before the event. I also considered that it might be so popular Amazon will have to prepare to deal with the massive demand for downloads. A guy can dream.

Why am I offering this book now?

The series was completed when I published Highland Games – 5 in September. I wanted to observe sales and reviews for a month before offering the first book for free. I can see from the figures that the series is being taken by readers, but sadly there is little going on regarding reviews.

What’s the problem with reviewing erotica?

It is not surprisingly one of the best genres in sales of eBooks, but at the other end of the scale for reviews. No longer do readers have to seat their erotica book inside another title while on public transport, or sitting in the staff room. On an eReader, the book being read is known only to the person holding the device – unless they tell somebody else. This means the genre can be enjoyed by anybody, but it doesn’t have to be camouflaged or wrapped in brown paper.

Some folk are not prepared to put their name to a review of erotica and a few reasons spring to mind.

  • Straightforward embarrassment. This is more especially a British trait, and no, I’m not being racist or biased – I’m British.
  • Friends or family might see the name on the review and take an interest in the review, even if they haven’t read the book.
  • The reviewer may have the desire to be open about their opinions on the story, but wouldn’t want anybody else to know what they enjoyed about it, or perhaps didn’t enjoy.

Do I review erotica?

Yes, when it’s not improbable or simply an excuse to write about sexual activity. Surprised? Why? Erotica writers should have reasonable standards, like those writing any other genre.

What constitutes an excuse in my opinion?

If the story takes us into a lab (or other scenarios) where a magical potion, food or drink changes a person’s sex, I stop reading. If there is no discernible story, I stop reading. If the book opens with sexual activity and there is a pause of no more than a paragraph before we are introduced to more of the same, I stop reading. If the activity would be physically impossible or involves unnecessary violence, I stop reading. Basically, for me, it matters not what the genre is, I expect if it is advertised as a story – it should be a story.

Do I contact other erotica authors?

I’ve read a few erotica tales which were going in the right direction but had issues in a certain area due to the author being too eager to move on (for whatever reason). I’ve contacted the authors concerned. I’m presently in touch with three other authors of this genre and one removed his titles to ‘improve’ them. There have been occasions when an author’s editing sessions have missed a character who has grown an extra hand, or a person changes their name during dialogue. You get the idea.

Apart from getting over the urge to ignore the offer, is there any other good news?

Yes, if you are tempted by the free book you will be in for a treat. I’m confident that anybody who reads the first episode will be sufficiently intrigued to buy into the series.

What’s so special about the series?

Apart from the subject matter and the exploration of sexual desire, the associated activities are presented to let the reader feel a part of the scene. You don’t think you have voyeuristic tendencies? Okay, put yourself to the test – check it out.

As you might expect, the first in the series is an introduction to a couple of the primary characters, but it also introduces the location in great detail. The ‘games’ mainly take place in a hotel, but there is a beautiful forest nearby. Besides activities in the great outdoors, the hotel is not like any hotel you’ve ever stayed in.

There are characters who appear in more than one of the books, and each of the tales is interconnected to at least one other.

Okay, the introductions are over and now it’s up to you if you want to get into bed with these characters …

Highland Games – 1 – Amazon Preview/Buy

(Free over 14th/15th October)

Highland Games – 1 – BookLinker Universal

(Free over 14th/15th October)

Books which don’t attract reviews tend to reduce the author’s credibility. My novel and short story collection in this genre have been well-received and continue to sell, which is gratifying. If I succeed in nothing else with this promotion, I hope to find out if I should continue with erotica or leave it behind (no pun intended).

I have had several positive private messages and emails from readers, but due to my personal rules on confidentiality … what is said to me privately stays private.

Whether or not you will be one of the brave and honest readers who will review, I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.


Free Weekend in Highland Haven Hotel


Over the weekend, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017, Highland Games – 1: An Erotica Novella will be free on Amazon.

For the past two years I’ve been in the practice of promoting one of my titles as a freebie on Amazon every month. Until now I’ve held back from giving away any of the Highland Games series. This has been purely because I wanted to have the series completed. As a reader, I prefer to start on a series when I am confident the other titles are available.

Should you decide to take up my offer of this title for free, I’d be grateful of a review. If for any reason you are unable to post a review on Amazon, I would appreciate feedback, however brief, via my private Contact page. Any message sent through my Contact page is confidential and seen only by me.



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