Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories – now available


As any of my regular readers will be aware, there are twelve tales in my short story collections and this one is no different—except that most of them are longer than usual.

Of the twelve stories in this book, two were borne of simple ideas in recent months, while six of them have been developed over years. This is a healthy method of writing any topic, but I find it particularly useful when dealing with erotica. A writer’s craft is honed with each title, and an occasional visit to what was a mediocre story can take it up several levels. I like to believe that’s what I’ve achieved in this instance.

In this selection I’ve aimed to highlight that sexual activity isn’t always the culmination of a sensitive and romantic relationship between two or more people. On occasion, it might be a means of gratification for one or more of the participants.

Illicit love affairs between two or more partners are commonplace in our modern world. These trysts are rarely simple except on the surface, and it pays to know—not only who you’re with, but who else might be taking a keen interest.

While another person might not be involved, there are times when being wary of observation can be good.

Have you ever looked at somebody you found attractive and thought, ‘What would I give …?’

I know I have … but what if one day the object of desire made it possible to make the fantasy a reality?

How far would you go when you insist your word is your bond—but you’ve been lying?

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Quiet Night Inn: and other erotic stories

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